Just Had To Try Them

My adult diaper wearing has nothing to do with any experience in my childhood. I have no memory of wearing diapers as a child and as far as I know made the transition called potty training easily and well.

I had no interest in diapers until exploring the internet for contacts with other adult males who loved to cross dress. Surfing sites and checking out their cross reference lead me first to enemas which was a natural seque for me from self-bondage while cross dressed.

When I came across Adult Baby sites, they did nothing for me except the idea of being diapered and being wet. So I tried it.

It did nothing for me until a sprang for the cost of a pair of plastic pants. Once I had them I realized I could wear and wet diapers without the risk of leaks and spills.

This opened me to what is now common attire for me -- a panty covered by an adult pull on diaper with an oversized feminine napkin in the crotch, this covered by at least one plastic pant. The plastic is always covered, usually by a pair of size 12 panties or a one of my sissy panties with the rear covered in layers of ruffles.
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Jan 20, 2013