Giving Up . Heartbroken !

I'm currently in a situation where my heart is hurting and yet I'm still around waiting on him to make a desicion. We have been together for 8 years and have two beautiful daughters together. Recently(a month or so) he has stated that he feels that he is confused and doesn't think we have a future together. He's very wishy washy on anything I ask. We live together and I have loved him for years but how long do you wait around while someone plays head games with you?
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I dont understand how "men" can play with a womans heart. I completely understand the frustration of not having a straight answer from them. I was with someone on and off for nine years, this last year he said he was "figuring himself out" because he didnt know what he felt for me. I believed him, loved him, trusted him with all my heart. I helped him and his family in any way I could, safricing my own needs for his. Come to find out he was seeing someone else and got her pregnant. I hate the way I feel, it was like a slap in the face. I hurt and cry every day, no one deserves this pain.<br />
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As for your situation, I hope he comes around and realizes what is right in front of him and values you and your children. I hope he loves you and the children the way you deserve to be loved after all of the years that you have been together. All I can say is you set a day for yourself when you feel that it is more than enough time to have waited for an answer from him. You do not deserve to put yourself through the turmoil of waiting for him to make a choice. Maybe if you can go to a family members home for a couple of days, for him to miss you and realize what he will not have in his life if he doesnt make a decision. I dont want you to take it as you are tricking him or anything, its just a way to make the heart grow fonder when he sees you are not there, and that's how it will be if he chooses to not to be with you. In any case, you do not deserve the uncertainty, I wish I would have left earlier instead of waiting around letting my life pass me by. I am single, not married, no kids and it saddens me, that my ex is having a family with someone else while I waited for him to make a choice. It wasnt me, and here I thought I was making all the right choices.

I know how you feeling i am in a relationship i want him to change some things about him but he says there nothing wrong with him its me all the time he always right he thinks haaa i want out but no job or money I had jobs but he made me leave them it would be easy to leave if had job and place to go or if just have place to go than fine job I hate my Life right Know

All due respect,you don't have time to be playing his childish games.Tell him that you want an answer so you can get on with your life.I wish you the best of luck.

Thank you. I know that he's playing games and I don't think it's fair. I brought it up to him and he said I'm not playing games. I'm gonna move on. Our children do not need to go through this.