The Scars.

 of watching my dad abuse my brother and my mom.the feeling of being told by my grand parents they did not want me around.waching family buy things for my brother and ignoring me.all those x- mas  with out anyone getting me anything.those years of being shut out of my family.watching my father go insane.the humiliation of having to eat from dumpsters at age 11.the scared feeling i had when my dad was nearly killed on the job.of being forgoten by friends and family when i had my accident.thay have left me with a feeling of being alone.and being cast into darkness.all the abuse,the is all here.i did not desirve  that.i was just a kid.and i have never been able to move past it.all i can do is coupe.and go one day at a time.there was a time when i felt the only way out was to kill myself.but i have gotten over that.i have survived.and i will continue to survive.

ghostofmyself ghostofmyself
4 Responses Oct 25, 2009

your story proves to me... no matter how hard, how terrible.. we are not defined by our past, our enviroment or the things we couldn't control or understand when we were young. <br />
you're a very strong person.

You've written such a painful story. I don't understand how anyone can treat children in such a way. That you have survived says so much about the person you've become. Sharing your story will help others I think.

you are such a kind friend.thank you.

I know the feelings & I am so so sorry that your family did that to you Ghosty. It breaks my heart a little bit more to think of you being treated that way. You are such a kind, sweet soul.<br />
<br />
All my love, Wyn xXx