Personally from my experiences i grew from it. Took a long time, but i am better for it and wouldn't change my abuse. Not everyone survives it. Some people will be lost forever.

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Not everyone can do it. Is a shame but it is reality.

you could too! you could help me win!

I can't help that, it's how the game goes!

we could beat pla<x>yer two if you would just work with me instead of against me!

I know, I think pla<x>yer 2 cheats

I also have never asked you about miscarriages either so you don't know if my questions would upset you, but you know i am better at uno.. Pla<x>yer 2 is better then both of us though...

I know, I don't understand it myself, it's just one of those things I should stop questionning.<br />
<br />
You don't upset me, apart from when you think you're better at uno than me...

This is something i really don't understand very well, but i never ask because i don't know if i will end up hurting the person with my questions.

The only pain I don't think I'll ever get over is when I miscarried. That's all. The rest I can deal with. But it's confusing having this thing that makes you so sad and depressed that you never really knew about until it was gone. And it's like, do I mourn, do I pretend it never happend. And each time you think you're ok with it, you realise that you're not. No amount of talking to whoever about it will help. You learn to cope or rather deal with not being able to cope.

I am not at peace within me, but i am at peace with my past.

You never went into detail with me about your past much. So i cant really comment...

I dont think I ever will

I can't forget either, but i have made peace.

I agree. I grew from mine. Yet there's still a whole load of it that I can't ever forget or get over.