But I Cannot Put It Into Words

 Words cannot capture pain, even the strongest of them. Broken bones heal, but emotional pain is harder to be rid of.  It is like someone drawing walls into your brain, and the walls are studded in broken glass. Even when the someone is not there, out of habit you keep crashing into the walls..you almost hear them laughing from afar, and each time the glass cuts you you wonder if you deserve pain, though you don't know why you would.

It is the mental equivalent of someone amputating one's legs.  I am left handicapped, and must struggle on in ways I can, left to wonder if perpetrators know how much damage they have caused in the name of their own entertainment. Of couse, since I have no legs, I have learned to be more skillfull with my arms, but I live in fear that someday they will take those too. A life of fear is what emotional pain gives to you.

ValentinK ValentinK
18-21, M
Mar 2, 2010