My Mothers Illness

My mother is mentally ill and that left me feeling very lonely in this world most people just push you through like teachers and other people who are suppose to be nurturing and supportive. I didn't always get that it was difficult I remember not having clean clothes to wear and lice in my head at times and not doing well in school. I want to hear the child that complains about something normal not just basic needs I am in shock till today that not one of our neighbors had contacted social services on my family it really hurt and still pains me today with some of those memories it was humiliating at times not to get help or the children that lived in your area made you feel inadequate about yourself. I have made it up to my children and they were always helped and clean and I taught them morals and gave them confidence to go into programs and paid for their music lessons and cheer leading etc. my largest accomplishment is my children to see them grow and know that they have skills and the confidence to go on, those were part of the things I never had and I want everyone to know this little girl has changed.  

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1 Response Mar 2, 2010

there is nothing that can change what your childhood was like your mother had a mental illness she did not have a choice but she gave you something very precious the will and determination to make sure your children had what you did not. I also can not understand how someone did not step in we think we have grown so much as a people but to many still have the blinders the it is not my business it dose not effect me attitude and have lost compassion May God bless you and your children goahead