I May Be Able To Hide It From Others, But I Can Never Hide It From Myself

I'm almost flawlessly honest.  Sometimes I'm embarrassed by what I've done and try to smooth over my mistakes.  So often, though, I end up just admitting the truth.  It's easier to do that than to continue to cover up a lie, then continue a progression of falsehood to keep whatever I did wrong covered up.  It's so much easier just to be truthful about my mistakes. 

Even when I cover up actions I'm not proud of, I can never run away from myself, and my knowing what I've done wrong.  I feel too burdened by trying to hide the truth that I usually don't bother.  Most people don't seem to mind my honesty, either.  It's sometimes so hard to be open about my past and things I've done, but it's just as hard, in my opinion, to not be honest and trust that people will accept me for who I am.
UnderEli UnderEli
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1 Response Jul 23, 2010

I believe in second chances, and if you are not doing or being like you use to be, CONGRA....But you are so right....e can not fool ourselves,. At the end, when we are alone, 4 walls, you know exactly who you are.....Cheers!