Always Have...

I don't always get attached to things too easily, but when I do, it's love at first sight, and I know, this is exactly right.

My parents found this out when they took me shopping for a new tricycle before I was two.

It happened that the first store they took me to, I sat on the bike to try it out.  They'd wanted to shop around, check out prices.  But I refused to get off.  I wasn't going anywhere.  My dad ended up carrying me, still sitting on the tricycle, to the cash register, paid for it, and carried me still firmly attached out to the car, where they managed to get me into the backseat, still clinging to my new bike.

I tend to do this sort of thing, still.  I can't seem to help it.  I just know what I like, when I see it.
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I have to admit, I'm often indecisive about things, when there is no clear indication of which way to 'go'. But once in awhile, this is absolutely clear to me -- and often even for 'reasons' I'm not totally aware of, but I just know, 'this is right'.

A decision maker....I like your style !

Don't people tend to think it's odd when you are stuck to a tricycle, lol? I wish I had more of those times when I know exactly what I want. Shopping is a nightmare and my husband refuses to go with me now because I have to go in every shop before I make up my mind!

As parents I think we've all been there, hey des? lol

Hehe, thanks tg. My parents say they were pretty surprised when it happened, because I was usually quite an agreeable child. I tend to put my foot down, though, when something is right for me -- I'll fight for it.

Thank you so much for the smile Dee..i could picture the whole thing..hehe, cute :)

My parents love to tell this story on me :)