We have had our final talk about “all” of the issues that I was having. The zoning out on the phone looking to buy snakes that are $800 a pop when we need a new car because besides our air not working the transmission is slowly heading out the shop told us. Having a vehicle in Florida “with working air conditioning” is a must. No more looking to blow money on things “he wants” instead of for our future together and we’ve talked about adding more pets and a kid in the next 2 years. I told him NO more. He said it was just a bad habit and being deprived of spending money on reptiles made him go on a spree. I told him I don’t care the excuse I deserve better and I’m going to find what I’m looking for I don’t see a future with someone who’s carless and thoughtless about our future. When you’re in a relationship it isn’t about what you the single person just want it’s a balance that naturally occurs between two people that are ready, have the same goal, and respect one another’s wellbeing and want them to live a healthy life. Am I wrong or am I right? He said it’s not going to happen again (him putting us in a financial negative VS. a positive again no more him (wanting to spend $800.00 for a snake impulsively) instead he said he wants to save for our future and its needs to succeed. I’ve heard this probably 3-4 times already btw in a 5 month period. I told him we will see. He just got out of the hospital BTW he got MERSA I was with him the entire 7 days day and night between taking some days off and working too. So regardless of him wanting to spend the extra money we have on another snake he’s going to be out a paycheck and now all these hospital bills. Am I right in this? What do you think?
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I told him if it doesn't end i'm GONE :/