My Life Plan

Im the type of person who thinks ahead in life I know what I want about 90 percent of the time , I dont find myself to be too complex like most women compared to the past men (boys) I should say I have dated , I never ***** about my parents like most of my friends saying " they never let me do anything there so strict i hate them " all that garbage and never knowing what they want even making the simplist choices like clothes its your body your mind if you know its will look good buy it or you still are not sure try it on and if you love it buy it . Now my life plan is to graduate from collage by the time im 22 or 23 get my job work for a year buy a house with my boyfriend who also has a job and finished collage get married have my first kid before im thrity and live in a finacially balanced life mortage paid off no credit card debt be a good fair parent go on vacations able to afford things and not struggle like most people because they wanted something now well you save up and them get it its about self desiplen people now adays lack it alot that they get into those messes but most youth never think ahead that far that is my life plan for the next 7 years of my life im ready to reach it one day at a time
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18-21, F
1 Response Sep 25, 2012

Nice that you've planned it all out, hope it works out for you.