Well of course I know what is under his skirt because I peek every chance I get.  ladies, let's just say you would be very happy with it.

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really? that's funny. will have to tell him about that...

We had another one that said " old farts wife" but he burried it.

you're probably right.<br />
<br />
his old fart hat in his profile pic...

I have a feeling you both are on the same wave length. so would you even know if he was out of control? <br />
<br />
Which hat?

na.. he's cool. i never see him out of control. did he tell you i wanted to steal his hat?

jg. He doesn't drink ( much ) He is like this sober. <br />
and yes, he can do it on command. ( Thank GOD )

Until now only a couple friends new who I was. I'm outed now. I just want yall to know I am totally not responsible for anything he says or does. He speaks only for himself and has been out of control for years.

MMMM I am intrigued by licking his eyebrows. Does he do this only when intoxicated or can he do it on command bot?

he can lick his eyebrows? wow... a lady killer... lol

I was wondering when I would figure out who his better half was. he wouldn't tell me. now I know...

LMAO, I have to agree that it might be jealousy Bot. Mewold is a great guy but I do think there is some competition there between him and Chris. LOL Gosh I love those two guys so much and you too Bot.

He has no reason to be remember he can lick his eyebrows

that's because he's jealous... hehe

my husband, mewold says he looked up your shade and he said there isn't anything there. LOL

LMAO, glad you liked it.

Ahhh! Sneaky.... hehe<br />
<br />
I feel so violated... lol<br />
<br />
I must not have been around when you put this up. It's funny though... ;p

Oh yes, why do you think I let you put peanut butter all over me? It gets you close enough to get a good view of the goods lol. I was wondering why you weren't playing with me.

Ha! I just seen this. <br />
<br />
I was not aware you have peeked FG. Hmmmm....

LOL Zeggle<br />
<br />
I will have to ask Or.

I am not telling...you will have to ask Chris.

OR, I think he only has one switch.<br />
<br />
I heard it was three way but it looked perfect for a two way.

the way I hear it from Chris...it's a 3 way bulb!

LMAO. Me too until I peeked. He hides it well.