Retrograde Amnesia

When   I  was   in  my   20's    my   Dad     was   visiting    with   his  brother   in   Alaska    One    day    he  was   out    and   had    a   car  wrck    he  had  to  walk   5  miles  to  get  back   to   the    house    he  encountered   a     wolf   pack    they  chased  him   back   to  the  house   he  got  back    to   the  house   He  layed  down   a  neighbor    stopped  by    he  was  having   pains  in  his   arms  he  was  having   a  heart    attack.  They   took  him   to  the  hospital .  He   suffered   4  strokes  when  he  came  back  home   he  lost  his  short  term   memory   he  couldn't  take  care  of  himself.  He  couldn't   live by  himself  I  became   his  parent.   That  was   1991  so  when  people  ask  me  when  my  dad  passed away  I  don't   know  what  to  say.  1991  Or  when  we   buried   him    in   2001.

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My dad was my friend and I really miss him. He will always be important to me. I will never forget him.

OMG,your poor dad and how awful for you!! You have my sympathy :( I lost my dad 2 years ago and still miss him everyday.