My problem is everyone's problem.  I am not free.  Freedom is paradoxical.  If freedom was to do whatever we willed then no-one would be free.  - if someone could hit me in the face because he felt like it and he was free to do it, then we all would be enslaved by fear, violence, theft etc.  A greater degree of freedom was achieved by submitting to laws.  What if I then redefined freedom to be to do whatever we will that does not infringe on others rights.  Well this is closer, but then what about me choosing to do things to make me happy e.g. eating or sex or not working or taking drugs or drinking etc.  I would find myself enslaved by those choices - dependent on the outcome of my actions to give me a feeling.  I would seek to control things in order to achieve my desired end and thus be enslaved by that end - constraining my actions to it.  

In my own life, I have experienced greatest freedom not when I'm doing what I will, but when I'm doing the will of another - expending my energy trying to make THEM happy.  There is more though.  When doing that I experienced time of lonliness or difficulty, a time when i sacrificed my comfort and rest for the other person and thus had no Physical happiness myself.  Each time I was faced with helping another, I was faced with a suffering for myself and herin lies the lesson of all life - whoever you are.  We all come up against suffering.  It doesn't matter who you are or where you are - fabulously rich or pitifully poor, man or woman, child or adult, intellectual or labourer - it is at the core of human life.  What defines our life is how we deal with our crosses.  I found that the remedy to that was when the 'Other' I was doing things for was God.  That way, when i was confronted with my inescapable lot of suffering I tried not to escape from it (to fall into the next suffering - sometimes greater than the one I was fleeing) but to embrace it.  To carry that burden and learn to love it because one is doing it for a different end.  Now the goal isn't the end, but the journey - not how happy i am, but how much i love the other.  

Thus the issue of suffering in our lives and its remedy is two-fold - 1. Don't run from pain but bear it for love of Christ and each other - offering it up to God to move Him to help us and give us His sweetness 2. Try not to control our lives to avoid suffering or even control how we bear it - but just submit to the will of God and find freedom and a fatherly guidance.

My problem is therefore that I don't trust God enough, don't accept suffering with a joyful heart and talk to much (see above). :D

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CONTROL of human emotions is suffering in itself. We as humans are born with the pleasaure of human touch, feelings, and gratifications. Comparing control with obedience to the laws of God is an issue for separate discussion. In this world Laws are made for different reasons which can be researched. Laws of God are not of this world so the alternative is give up the laws of this world, Follow the Laws of God for the the spiritual world of God and defy the comfort and pleasure of this world.

Inspirational, beautiful piece! I do not believe in god (at least not in the traditional sense) I believe in a collective consciousness, however, your words ring true on multidimensional levels and I thank you for writing this piece... It was exactly what I needed, at exactly the right time :-)