What Does Being Sorry Mean to You?

Saying aim sorry to me means taking responcibily for what you did wrong. and trying to take the wrong right .

really meaning it when you say your sorry. feeling the persons pain that you caused by what you did wrong.

people can tell when youve been done wrong and the other person just says ''SORRY''

and they have that tone in thier voice that sounds like a child that was made to say iam sorry.. what does saying iam sorry mean to you?

what makes you feel better ? I feel that people say iam sorry too much when they dont mean it. just like the words i love you .

or do people just say sorry becalse they got busted? i think some do .

lunnas lunnas
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7 Responses Apr 15, 2008

Lunnas, your spirit is golden. And you are going to go to heaven. <br />
Thank you for the post and hopefully you can spread the word that arrogance and selfishness is for ******** and mother*******.

its means ur sorry and trying to change what uve done

Sorry means nothing to me. I keeping on making mistakes and saying sorry, so its now nothing of any significance. Because saying sorry mean you wont do that mistake or atleast you will try so...

ty fladonna you see who iam and you see my heart<br />
yeah ive been hurt and lied to and used but iam still<br />
keep loving my family


are u sure she wss sayin sorry to u or ther car? jokes... i don't believe in sorry, love and marriage its a bunch of ****. just one way to get urself hurt...and its the worst way too.

thanks for your coment and your honesty