Real Friends Know

There is nothing worse when you are going through a rough patch than bumping into someone you haven't seen in ages and being asked how you are. Its unwritten small talk etiquette to say "Im Fine" - coz it totally kills the mood to say, "Actually, everything sucks and I hate my life and Im pretty much convinced Im the biggest loser in this crowded room."
Its funny, of course you always ask how the other person is, even when you know full well that the answer is as shallow as the answer you gave them.

Real friends know what "Im Fine" really means. Thank goodness for the friends who let "Im Fine" slide sometimes, because they know its hurting too much for you to talk about it - that you need the denial for now. And thank goodness for the friends who then take the time to find the right situation to ask how you are - and who listen to the real answer without running screaming out of the room!
jellibeanz jellibeanz
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Thanks honey - and right back at ya xxx