Sexy To Me Is....

What is sexy? Sexy is standing in the rain, as you push me up against the hood of my car, tearing my shirt as you kiss me with no intention of stopping. ♥
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2 Responses Aug 19, 2010

okay well sex is somehing done between a man and wwomen to make babies. During sex a man fits his penis into her vagina. He rocks back and forth to push his penis farther and deeper into her body. Usally while having sex you are naked. There are differnet ways to have sex. One way is oral sex. That is when the lady sucks on the mans penis. Another way is fingering or *******. That is when instead of putting his penis in her vagina he puts his fingers or hand into her body up through her vagina. But the only way to get pregnant is to put the penis in the vagina. It is a lovely feeling. Usally while doing this you will kiss and feel around each other like chest boobs and butt. You cuddle up close and usally lay on top of each other

Um, yes please! Yes, that most certainly is sexy.