And I Want U to Know That Too*

I know it and i mean for many things..angels..sometimes even love..secret wishes..people who left life-but actually not..

i want to tell u about people who die,they dont leave us..they are always there..dont forget them..there is a life after death..i believe that..and i believe they are always near us,they want us to be happy and strong..i know its hard to not see the person u love but he/she is there,u can always talk to them,feel they are there..

i wish i could write more..many hugs**


annasangels annasangels
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7 Responses Feb 24, 2009

I believe in you.

i believe what u say coz its true.but not all people believe the same

My life has too much "supernaturality" to not believe in things that i can't see... or haven't seen yet.<br />
<br />
People who only believe in science are ignorant in my opinion.


I believe you 101%.<br />

i really believe that..i hope others can too

loanna this is nice story.. best wishes Hugs* ^_^