My Dad On The Phone

When you get my dad's answering machine, his voice sounds like something tragical just happened. I always try to reach him person because he sounds so disappointed in that message. But then again, when I do reach him he sounds just as depressed. Why does this guy even have a phone if he doesn't want to talk or hear what I have to say?

Just kidding, Dad, I love you. But you need to lighten up!
Sage360 Sage360
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4 Responses Jul 15, 2010

Awww, Moss! That's unfair!

My dad's ok to talk's my mom who always seems unhappy with what her child grew up to be!

Same with me and my dad. It's really a good thing there's email so I can talk to him without feeling like he's disappointed because of his tone of voice.

my telephone conversations with my dad are short too -- but he's always there for me just like a rock