Toxic People

i love Rob Bell, and in one of his nooma videos, he talks about Toxic people who no matter what will keep hurting you, and that you can forgive them ( wish them well that they will get there act together and grow) but you don't have to stay you don't have to be a fool that you can say I don't need you junk and I don't want judge you.

i remember watching this i remember thinking of all the toxic people the abusive and horrible people that I kept in my life that only hurt me more and more and I remember saying no more and I walk away talked to them no longer said I wish them well.

Now i know there are people in my life I should cut ties with walk away, but i also know I have kept a good deal of toxic people away from me said i don't need this in my life.


Starbuck82 Starbuck82
31-35, F
Dec 27, 2009