My Class, Of Course!

      I've been teaching a workshop this week with 3-5 year olds.  It's been a long time since I worked with the tiny tots.  They are just delightful.  Funny too!   Little Kaitlyn,  all 20 pounds of her,  is full of *****.  Yesterday,  out of the blue,  she asked me "How come you are always in charge?"  I answered, "Sometimes I wish I wasn't."

     We have been drawing animals all week.  Today's lesson was a turtle.  It's good to have a prop to enhance the class,  especially with the wee ones.  I had a fun story to read and a little Beanie Baby turtle.  As I was backing out of the drive to head to class,  I noticed something in the front yard.  Hmmm.  I stopped the car and went to investigate.   It was a turtle!   A pretty big one too.  How cool is that???   I put him in a box, grabbed a few pieces of romaine, and off he went to drawing class.  Of course,  the children adored him.  The distraction made it more difficult to get our work done.  Fine by me.

     When it was time to go home,  Kaitlyn's mom said  "Tell Mrs. Lilt  'thank you' for bringing the turtle today."
Kaitlyn smiled  "Thank you,  Mrs. Lilt.  I'm glad you are in charge,"  

Lilt Lilt
18 Responses Jun 8, 2011

AWW! ..Thats the cutest story Ive read in here so far.
I realize its old but I just had to comment on it. I Work with kids that age myself and know just how Wild they would go if I broad a turtle to art class :) Isnt it funny how Things somethimes falls into place perfectly :)

I am so glad you stopped by, Woman! I have been away from teaching for awhile, you led me back to a story I needed to read again. :-)
Those wild things are the best things, eh? I'm guessing you love your work as much as I did. I can honestly say that in all the years I have taught, I was never bored. Ever. The kids always made sure of that.

Im glad my comment led you back then :)

Thank you, Hazey! Being with the little people is like breathing to me. Can't imagine not doing it.

Good to see that your having a positive impact on many children's mental development.<br />

Many people enjoy collections of cute/funny things kids say. That journal would sell.

Thank you, new friend! I had a lot of fun with the kids this summer. <br />
I really should keep a journal of all the funny things kids have said over the years. EP has been a pretty good place to document some things.


no, we can pack the elephant in his own trunk.<br />
<br />
hehehheeee I have to pay for the shipping??

can I send one??<br />
<br />
You know that they walk in the streets here!!!<br />
<br />

Yeah, my karma must not be that good. We did a rhinoceros yesterday.<br />
Not a single rhino in my yard. And believe me, I looked!!!

Hope tomorrow they don't request a live elephant! :O LOL. <br />
I like this story, for real, and what you're doing with these kids! :)

Good point, Nell!<br />
Mother Nature and I have had a thing going on for quite some time now :-)

What a great story about little Kaitlyn. <br />
<br />
And about the synchronicities that are a strong hint that we are not on our own.

Honestly Frito, what are the odds that turtle would be in my yard and at that particular time??????<br />
Kinda creepy, if I think about it too much. O_O

Lucky kids and lucky Mrs. Lilt....sometimes work can be so much fun...especially when it's art!

Des, have you ever done marble painting with TaterTot?

Sneak in some art, Lala!!

Awww, that sounds so cool! I miss teaching art, our focus is always on literacy or numeracy so everything else gets forgotten :(