Don't We All?

Only 10 little sentences but this book always intrigued me.  I love to read it to my nieces and nephews as their little faces are intrigued by Max and his imaginary wilderness.  Yes, i know where the wild things are and so do the many children in my life because this is one of the books I buy each and every child in my life.

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7 Responses Apr 2, 2009

I have it on audiobook as well.

One of my favorite books from childhood.. Bought it for my girls and have read it dozens of times.. :)

I loved this book - it was one of my favorites. I even had a Where the Wild Things Are poster hanging on my wall as a kid. Was it really only 10 sentences?

Maurice Sendak. I love his stuff.

One of my all time favorites also. So excited it is being made into a movie.

I love that book and can't wait to read it my Grand children. What is it about that book? I don't know but I love it...Dew

Exactly. I love this book.