I Am Me

I know who i am..... I am patient and tolerant and kind. I get excited about the smallest and silliest of things. I can see the beauty in anything and cherish it's discovery. I have my flaws, I am not always very bright. I am sometimes too nieve and can take off in flights of fantasy but everyone does and I can still love dispite them. I am not afraid of monsters or of the dark but I am afraid of people and how they can break a heart. I live everyday with good intentions even though it never quite works out the way I hoped. I am unique with ticks and issues that are beyond even my understanding...but I love me, and because I do, I can love others.....if only my fear didn't sometimes get in my way! Everyday i am getting better, stronger, more sure of where I want to be......though I have noone to share all this with. I KNOW WHO I AM ..... AND WHO I AM GROWING UP TO BE.
AdAstraPerAspera AdAstraPerAspera
41-45, F
Aug 4, 2011