I Found Me

Well I had gotton divorced about 8 yrs ago and my life has been a series of growing and finding out who I was.
to start I was never totally on my own when I graduated high school I did move to Fla but 1st lived with my  grandparents then moved into my own place but had my Best friend move in cause he needed a place when I moved back home I never lived by myself.
 I was either married or had a roomate.
 Well after 3 yrs of living alone I realized who I was and what I wanted in life I reached these goals by reading self help books, serching for what is true in life and being totally honest with ones self plus having a few great friends you can trust.
 I am not perfect nor am I finished I am a constant work in progress but I am happy with  the person I see in the mirroe every morn.
 I am funny loving caring and never judgmental we ALL have little idiosycrasys and thats what makes use who we are.
 I want all I get to know that I am not ashamed with who I am and would never change anything in my life cause it all played a roll in who I am.
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Sep 20, 2012