Who Am I, You Ask

Who Am I You Ask

Blessings abound with each new day;

the children that are my legacy, the song in my heart, the smile of my soul, countless treasures untold.

Wisdom beyond my years

left with me by a life with scars, a road  less travelled, stories untold.

Who I am  is still to unfold.

Love that runs deep, emotions that flow freely, wanderlust untethered

a heart in search of desires.

The sights I’ve seen, the hurt I’ve lived

the joys of the years, the friends I’ve known,

the nest I’ve flown.

The miracles of time, a faith unshaken

Chapters closed , a romance still yearning, passion yet burning


Who am I you ask

 The lightening in the storm, the breeze across the bay

the calm on the lake, the songbird on a branch

The new growth as blossoms unfold

the wonders of these my spirit holds

The darkness of the night, the mist of the morning, the heat of the day

The friend that shoulders your burden and carries your pain

the warmth of a fire, the comfort of a home.

Who I am is the tomorrows unknown.



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3 Responses Jul 28, 2009

Martha<br />
<br />
That's so beautiful. Thanks!

While surfing the net back on August 5th, 2009, I came across this site, <br />
"The Experience Project". curious concerning it's content, I took a plunge. un-be-knowing to me it proved to be very interesting. It asked me to list (5) experiences or interests. My first, "I know who I am". I mentioned that because I have read<br />
MJ's "Who am I, you ask?" A very fitting tribute to my statement. I want to thank MJ for her rendition of "who I am, you ask?" in my opinion, I have never heard it related to in that way. "You go girl, kickin' it with the literature" (That means the poem). The Mack!

Beautiful MJ :-)paco