Hello everyone! Just for a little quick 411 about me. My name's Angelique, and I'm a high school sophomore. I bet your thinking this is a little young for me to know who my friends are...but for now, I REALLY do. Trust me. When I was probably in about 7th grade and about half of 8th, I was BEST friends with this now physcho moron I'd like to call Lindsey. I'm not giving out her real name for her sake...lol! Anyway, she's a year older than me, so she's a senior now. But not at my school, thank goodness. She goes to a totally different school like a half hour away. Anyway, on with my story. My parents, my brother and I started going to this new church back when I was in 7th grade. I come from a Christian family, and church is a pretty big deal for us. So of course, I felt weird because I didn't know anyone. This new church it turned out, had a youth group for 6th to 8th grade kids. My mom strongly encouraged me to go and meet new friends. At first, I refused, thinking she was absolutely out of her mind. A YOUTH GROUP? IS SHE SERIOUS?! Eventually, she made me give in in the end...(don't know how that happened) but it turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. I'm proud to say that we no longer go to this church. So we meet at our leader's place. It's actually an incredibly nice house, which made me feel a little bit better about this. So for about the first 10 minutes, I'm alone, when another girl walks in and sits right next to me. I don't exactly remember HOW this happened, but we started talking about something, and she told me her name.

                 I gladly told her mine, and we had a long conversation. "finally...someone cool" I thought. Boy was I wrong....SO, SOOO WRONG. Next Sunday, she met my parents, and they thought she seemed like a really nice girl and we traded phone numbers....they were wrong too. She came to my house the following week, and it turned out that she was a bit crazier than I thought. I already realized this at the youth group, but not too crazy, I thought before. She seems fun...until she told me about her boyfriend. I'm not going to mention his name either, for it still haunts me. She told me about their little make out sessions. I wasn't TOO concerned yet, for I knew that many girls at my school also took part in this kind of thing. It wasn't until that summer that it got worse. We called eachtother everyday, and by now my parents, especially my dad, really didn't like her. They were beginning to see what I freak this girl really was, but I assumed they were wrong, because I loved hanging out and talking with her, and we seemed to have a great time. THEN. Over a course of that summer, she began acting rather rude toward me at times, but I once again ignored it. We had our great times still, too. And lots of them. Then she met another guy who actually went to our church. He was a little older than her, two years, but it didn't concern me too much until she told me about what they started doing. It was far more than making out...and she started making fun of me because I didn't have a boyfriend. I had before, but I just didn't at the moment. We just started messing with eachother and eventually I forgot about everything once again....UNTIL my dad heard something I said on the phone with her one hot early August afternoon. We were talking about babies screaming in restaurants, and how annoying it was. Then I said the unthinkable: "It just makes you want to stab that baby with a knife, doesn't it?" I'm even disgusted with myself as I type it. Well, when I got off the phone, my dad asked to talk to me. He said something along the lines of "That's horrible. I'm really starting to question this girl, and if she keeps this up your not hanging out with her anymore, and that's final. Why would you EVER say something like that??!!" and I started crying. By now I was ashamed, and I knew deep down that this girl was changing me...NOT for the better. But I once again ignored it. By the time I was midway through 8th grade, I was still talking to her. AND there was more. She was still going out with Colin, and I was still single. No, it's not that I'm ugly or anything like that, it's just that in my junior high, I wasn't really interested in anyone. The only guy I ever went out with was one of my brother's friends, and he moved right after we broke up. Either way, it got even WORSE. She started hanging out with all these weird goth and emo kids, saying that they were "awesome." She even started talking slightly satanic like, which was ironic considering her dad was a deacon and her parents were both VERY involved in our church. I began to get secretly freaked out, and she called me a stupid "prep" because I wouldn't hang out with goths. Whatever, I thought, and shrugged it off. Then the phone call that did it....on December 12th, 2008. She told me she had sex with Colin. She'd mentioned it before, like WANTING to, but I didn't think she was serious. That did it. I never said anything to my parents, but I stopped talking to her slowly after she told me she thought she was pregnant....OH GOD. I wanted to throw up. She now started taunting me worse than ever before, calling me "flat chested". I wasn't! lol! I was a B cup and still am (sorry about the TMI lol). Just because she was a D didn't mean she had the right to harass me. She was also shorter, BUT weighed more than me, so she had no room to talk, really! Then, during the past phone calls leading up to the last, she called me a dumb virgin who couldn't get any sex. I cried, secretly loathed her and began calling her fat. That wouldn't be too much a lie. I was PROUD to be a virgin and was saving it for me future husband, unlike her. Who knows what's up with her now. There was even one time I went to her house, and she persuaded me to flick off a stranger whom she didn't like,  and hang out with her other weird friends. NEVER again will I get within a yard of that church. My parents began to feel unwelcomed in it also, so we moved to the church we currently attend, and I LOVE it. Such a great escape. And you know what I have to say to "Lindsey" now? I don't care. Call me whatever you want, and I'll never give a crap. I'm a proud believer in the Lord, and refuse to do what you do. Go ahead. Your ruining your life, but I'm not gonna stop you. You wouldn't listen to me anyway and called me all kinds of names I won't mention. I burned everything you've given me and everything that reminded me of you, like pictures and ETC. And the best part? I didn't even keep the ashes. Your just another picture to burn, and I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to :) 

Shopaholikk77 Shopaholikk77
18-21, F
Feb 20, 2010