They Came Through When I Needed Them.

I was kicked out of my house a couple of months ago when I was 17.  The first time it happened my dad dragged my *** home.  This time I actually made it to a friends house, she let me in without question and her mom said she would stay out of it.  I guess that was only because this friend had also run away from home and her mother was just happy she had somewhere to go.  When I flipped on my laptop I knew who my real friends were and who didn't wanna talk to me again.  My mom had phoned everyone on my cell (she wouldn't let me take it) and asked them where I was.  On facebook some of my friends were already asking me if I could come by and stay with them cause they were worried.  It just showed me who really cared, past the point of no return.

luckyfluke luckyfluke
18-21, F
Feb 20, 2010