I'm Sorry.

Let's get it right, let's forgive and forget.

I forgive myself for being stupid and forget you. (:


It happened that my bestfriend, Carter liked my other friend Angel, who was in a relationship with this other friend of mine, Giuseppe.

Anyway, she decided to "trick" me. She sent me a convo of her and giuseppe, arguing. It was something like: giuseppe saying they're over and angel saying she likes someone. she was saying C... A...  and stopped. Now, I know her like the back of my hand. She likes Carter too. So I asked her if it was Carter, she said yes. Anyway, I asked her if giuseppe knows this. She said no, as he thinks it's his friend, CAlvin. Anyway, Carter sends me a msg from angel saying that she likes him. So I talked to angel and told her to just stop it and just say she was joking, cause giuseppe's gonna get hurt. (they've been dating for 2 years). Then I asked Carter and asked him what he was planning to do. He said she's gonna ask her out. So he did. Angel quickly said yes.. I was talking to giuseppe and told him if he ever needed someone, I was always here but the situation itself gave me a heartattack!

Anyway, Angel logs off and tells me it was all a joke.

I'm the serious type and I dont appreciate jokes at all. I refused her sorry and started ignoring her. Giuseppe then talks **** about me, as well as my bestfriend.


2 weeks after ignoring her, this girl told me that they were talking and she said that she's considering breaking up with giuseppe cause she likes someone else..........

jyer jyer
18-21, M
Mar 7, 2010