I Know Why Some Women Cut Themselves...you Can't Generalize...

Some women feel its easier to deal with physical pain than emotional. Its easier to hurt yourself than live the torture of someone you love hurting you (emotionally). That is why some women cut themselves.  No one knows why all women do it...so don't lump them all in as immature, or over emotional--because you really don't know!

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That's the point, you hurt YOURSELF not allowing for others to hurt you. I didn't say it was logical but don't label something that you don't understand as weird, that's rude and hurtful and it is those reasons that girls are afraid to talk about it and get help and some end up accidently cutting too deep and killing themselves. I've never went to far I've never cut too deep but I have cut in places that i wouldn't really want a scar. When i'm cutting its like I'm not controlling myself and its like i'm just watching it. When i'm not in that mindset I sometimes wish i hadn't or wonder why I do that. So, its not always a thing that can be controlled.

Thats kinda weird you just hurt your self more. Get help

You're right not all women do it. Considering the population probably only a few percent or less...but probably the ones who don't physically cut themselves probably do it emotionally...I've watched my sister put herself through crap and different situations that people wonder why she does it, when she could have avoided it all together and although she doesn't say, I think she's just trying to hurt herself b/c we went through a lot of crap in our childhood and she feels she doesn't deserve better.

It's true... Whenever the physical pain was made, i forgot my emotional pain.<br />
And the pain of physically, is so much better than emotional one...<br />
That's how i feel about this topic...