Why Some of These Stories Don't Have Comments

OK so I'm new to this experience project and I read that maybe it would be nice to comment on some of the stories that don't have comments yet and I think that's a good idea so I press random search and strart reading them. The thing is that not every thing on the internet is about sex some of us are just here for enlightenment, maybe to learn something or share or just the free milk and cookies, I don't know. But I do know that not everything is about sex!! YOU DON'T HAVE COMMENTS BECAUSE YOUR SICK. This of source is just my experience and everybody is intitled to their own, That's what this is all about, right?

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6 Responses Aug 1, 2008

For many of us, EP is just a wonderful place to explore lots of things that intrigue us...I understand that for some folks certain topics are "off-limits", but I think the key to enjoying the site is just to leave "each to his own". If something intrigues you, then by all means read it, but if it offends you....simply move on. I hope with the passage of time, you have found many more things that you enjoy about EP. There are an incredible amount of things to explore here. and these topics certainly aren't limited to *gasp* sex :) Enjoy the site!

Does anybody feel sick? Don't grasp it......<br />
No comment.<br />

Yes Loyd, I like sex, I just prefer to not take it to the streets

Im suprised at how many wierd people are on this site..............wierd fetishes and the like..surely there are specific sites for that sort of stuff..............Im on here for help and support ...Genuine help and suport not to talk about sexual fantasies etc..............

Talk therapy also has its place, even with regard to sex.

I have tried to comment on the random stories, but some of them defy comment. I did not join for sex talk, either. Some of those stories have to be made up.

Don't you like sex? Just kidding! I didn't join EP for sex talk either. But I have learned about other things since being here.