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The X came over tonight to bring more diapers and pedialite for my sick little one. I was making ten burgers for the kids by the pool but because my oven/stove died it took hours to cook and they had to leave early. I told him he could join for a late lunch and asked if he wanted one or two burgers. He said two of course so I made him a double. Not five minutes later he was in their fixing a third one and eating us out of everything.

Okay that's not why he makes me crazy but it goes along with it. So here I am trying to clean up the kitchen, do laundry and keep an eye out on the little ones. He hears me asking them what they've gotten into? He hears me struggling to finish while running to pull someone from under a cabinet or out of a closet and yet he sits, zombie in front of the TV. Then when he finally gets off his *** he first asks why I look so tired and then tries to cop a feel. UUHHGG! I flat out told him to leave me alone and back off and he got mad and walked out. Oh darn...

These are a few reasons we are no longer together... these and his temper together make a very frustrated MSP!

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It is very rare to find a man that will help out with children and housework unless they are his children and his house. Guys just don't have that nurturing thing like women do. Some men wont even help with their own kids and housework! But there is the rare few who like to hang and play with kids, and the best test to know you have a keeper is to introduce them to the kids, given a warning of course. Seeing how men react to children is the best gauge to know how compatible he will be with your lifestyle. If your shauvenistic ex comes back, and you are feeling inclined, just tell him you've got the kids, and your too busy. Or if you find yourself with too much housework ask him if he can lend a hand, and when he declines show him the door. guys like that don't deserve a hard working lady.

I hope you find a way to move on with your life. There is a reason that he is an EX and like you stated there seems to be many. He was hoping for a quicky and then he was going to be on his way. You need to find it in yourslf not to invite him to stay even when he does something for you. Good luck, I realize it is easy to say this mut much harder to actuialy do.

WTF is with this page???

Men are made that way. they are silly creatures. I dont know what to say but anywoman involved with a man will always have issues. <br />
I love my man I hate his ways..................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

ya what a jerk, my ex didn't help me out taking care of our kids either. ex's suck.

It's that magnet in my forehead... brings them right to me!

i know what u mean. i am in love with a man who has told me so many times he does not at all feel the same. yet i continue to do things ONLY a wife would do...what the hell is my problem for letting him continue to be in life??? but i do and everytime it is yet the SAME THING AGAIN!! hopefully one day we will not allow it and grow a little self esteem for ourselves to say F*** you...u are not worth it....hang in there my friend!