Just Hit Me Already!

Time and time again I've felt the lash of words.  Words meant to hurt, to wound, to damage.  It got so bad that I'd deliberately try to provoke the person yelling to just hit me.  Physical pain is something I could understand, something that went away quickly.  I've no need to remember specific beatings; they were all pretty much alike.  But to this day some of the word-inflicted wounds still bleed.

Brutal as those days were, they taught me a valuable lesson:  be wary of words.  Some of the most damaging things said were just tossed out casually, with no real malice behind them.  By being aware of others' soft spots, I can guard my words.  By knowing how sharp a single word can be, I can choose gentler ones, words that will make my point without cutting to the bone.
MossAgate MossAgate
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2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

Yeah, I can tell when someone hits a soft spot without knowing it. It's the times the person deliberately says something to hurt that I have problems with.

Thats rlly nice of u honey. A clever 1 iknew once used words so that they wern't held accountable 4 actually hitting sum1. sum ppl say mean things; they aren't that clever and want 2 talk about the very topic the other person is actually insecure about, and they missed all the signals. if there was no real malice behind the words, i think u can tell, and u can forgiv them more easily. deliberate needling is a lack of respect, tho.