Outcast, And Alone

I've always been the outcast, the wierd, or strange person that stands out amongst the crowd. The one who most people dislike just becsue i do things differently or think differently than they do, it's always been a favorite passtime of people i know to say things to me or about me that really hurt. Things that were said becasue of my wieght, my size, my intellect, for being kind to people that the rest of the world  treats horribly becasue their like me. words that cut deeper and hurt far worse than any physical pain I've experienced. Words that, at one point,  actually made me turn to physical pain by my own hand in order to just forget them for a while. Words can be eloquent and beautiful, helpful even at times but some people just can't seem to realize that words can hurt, and sometimes even kill people like they killed a friend of mine. I always try not to say things in a mean manner or even a loud tone of voice but even i can fall into the trap of harmful words, no one is imune to them and no one can never not say them, but i really do wish that people would try harder to not use words in mean hurtful ways against others and realize what harm they really can do when used that way.

raiven raiven
18-21, F
Jul 16, 2010