The Monster That I Love.

The man I fell in love with is the monster I will never leave. If love could cost a life, surely I have almost paid in full. Keep the advice, and the refund because this heart of mine would never allow me to turn my back on the only person I've ever met who understands who I really am. No words or actions could ever change the way I feel. I would give my life before I lived a life without him. False love runs when things take a turn for the worst. There have been moments when I felt like my heart was literally being ripped from my chest, and I would stand here bleeding right in front of him as a living reminder that I am the one person who will never turn her back and walk away.

Your words can cut like a knife, but it's your hand that applies the bandage that stops the bleeding. If I hurt, it is you who soothes my pain. If it's pain you brought, you soothe it tenfold and whisper promises of forever into my begging ear. All love comes with pain, it's not the perfection wrapped in a pretty bow that shines from your movie screen. I've suffered for you, just to have your body next to mine when I lay down to sleep every night. Have you suffered for me? You will tell me so. I've been kept awake at night with questions close to falling from my lips and waking you from your peaceful sleep. Those questions will go unanswered because I know you would never forsake me for another. Fear haunts me, but never the fear of you laying your head down next to another. The fear of the pain that being so deeply in love can visit upon someones heart. Sometimes when you look at me I feel like I am naked, completely exposed and unable to hide secrets from your curious eyes. We've stayed up all night talking about every subject that wandered into our minds and yet sometimes I feel like this love is a book I will never finish. One I can never put down for a new story.
LuhxLeMieux LuhxLeMieux
22-25, F
Mar 4, 2011