The Worst Weapon Of All

It is quite startling to acknowledge the power of words.  Although they are nothing more than sounds and symbols that we attach a specific definition or reaction to...once we have mentally accepted their meaning, they possess the power to impact you, whether it is positively or negatively. 

I have a pair of friends that were dating.  In a fit of drunken stupidity, the man verbally assaulted his girlfriend with his words.  Although his statements were groundless...he went so far as to call her a **** and a ****.  Just writing those words make me shudder.  There are so many negative connotations attached to them.  Her reaction?  To dump him.  I think that is a fitting consequence.

I respect both individuals, so I contacted him to make sure he was okay as he tried to work through the aftermath of the breakup.  This "conversation" took place via emails.  In his mind, the fact that he was inebriated should have given him a get out of jail free card.  The problem is, he has lynched her with his sentiments before and their last exchange was the breaking point.  Why would anyone be surprised by the outcome?  Why would you implement such awful hate words into something you say to a person you are supposed to love?

I have always been extremely mindful of what I say.  In public settings, I come across as being more quiet and subdued.  I have plenty going on in my mind, but I will not express myself unless I can say it EXACTLY how I mean it.  When I have argued with people before, if I do react impulsively, I still manage to cushion my blows by refraining from directly calling someone a name.  "Why do you have to act like a jackass?"  "You are really behaving like a jerk right now!"  If I cannot stop myself from attacking, I make a point to never directly call someone a derogatory name.  That does not make my behavior just makes it possible for me to live with myself later because I did not tear someone down completely.

It upsets me that people do not think about the impact of their words.  It is unfortunate that they fail to identify the long lasting damage it can cause.  One may claim that they did not mean what they said.  They can claim that it was the substance they were using that caused the issue....but there is erase what was heard or read once it has been processed into the brain.  By then, the seed has been planted and the poison has infiltrated the system.

I think words are a weapon, just like a knife, a gun or a bomb.  The emotional damage can sometimes tear someone up much worse than any amount of physical damage one could suffer.  In a world filled with bullying and abuse...I cannot help but wonder why some people are too ignorant to recognize how they contribute to the ugliness with their destructive words.
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1 Response May 9, 2012

Thank you for writing this. I needed it. And I miss talking to you. I need that soon, too.