What is bullying anyway? Didn't you ever wish for this word to be banned from existence? 

It's just purely atroce. People do it because they have something missing and are trying to feed their hearts with the joy of making other's lives miserable.
But it's just not fair, isn't it? Why would certain people suffer while others just watch? It's an injustice which should be, definitely known to them. I do know that there are lots of organizations that are dealing these problems. But how could they possibly save a teenager that is committing suicide? Did you know that every possible word that spill out of your mouth could probably lead to the constant hunting in someone's head? People don't realize that they are that thread that separate a person's thoughts from reality. That if they say one sentence,only one sentence, that could crush their little hopes and dreams. Bullying is both physically and emotionally. But on either sides, it still hurts. Maybe physical abuse is painful and leave scars, but when we talk about emotional abuse, it's worse. It was once said that a wound can be healed in time, but the wound in the heart will remain till we die. So what do you think we should do? When you say bully, you say death. Why? It's simply because excessive abuse on others will cause emotional problems: like for example depression, loneliness, insecurity...etc. I think it's a really interesting subject that should be handled delicately, for that we know that a human being is sensitive. Everybody's got a good side, and that's why I believe that those bullies are insecure about themselves, and that is the main reason why they choose to do so. It's no one's fault that these awful things are happening all around the world. It's not the bully's fault, nor the victim but the people who are responsible of these children. They are adults and are supposed to be an example for others to follow. 
To seal this...perspective should I say? I have not much to say other than : Keep breathing, because one day or another, you'll stop. Whatever you're living through, don't give up and believe that there's still the other filled half that you didn't notice.
Hope the best for all of you who lived through it -C 
Wicked21 Wicked21
May 11, 2012