The Comical Dom....not Pretty...but Wayyy Funny!

I like to spend time talking to different Doms and subs. I live the life.  differently then many but I am a total lil subby-girl...but.....ONLY with my hubs!

I like to get different thoughts and perspectives...I learn a lot from talking to others and I LOVE it.

Other peeps living the life or even just dabbling with it in the bedroom are  interesting people to talk to.  But seriously guys...if you can't have an adult conversation  with a woman, without acting like some pushy idiot .....You maybe aren't so much a Dom... but more like a comedic example of a really BAD stereotypical doofus trying to convince someone you're all dominant.....Cause REAL Doms...just don't even  think that way much less act like that!!  I have known, lived with and been married to a FANTASTIC  Dom for 14 years now and can say what I'm sayin with solid certainty!

I just got a message from a guy who accused me of trying to Dom our friendship from the bottom....I can't even tell you how hard I laughed!!  I really wish he'd have been joking cause then it would have been a HOOT but this poor guy was serious....

Our "friendship" consists of 3  letters over a 2 day period....That is NOT friendship to me...... It's people getting to know each other and no more. Friendship takes some time.  I was writing in my usual way and he told me I needed to address him with respect........ He felt it was totally intolerable for me to speak to him as a peer..... I sent back a smiley face and  wrote back...."Jeez I hope you're joking cause if you're not you just need to go away"

I have lost a good deal of patience with folks who act weird now......

That was when he told me I was Doming our friendship from the bottom.....That was when I Dom'ed my delete button from right in front of me!!
I swear......   Too flippin funny.

Guys...please stop doing this....  I just don't need to laugh this hard this early in the morning....It makes my tummy go all gurggly......

If you want to learn to impersonate a real Dom....Read what SirSecret has to say and pay attention to how he and my hubs, think, converse and feel about  things.......  and for Pete sake NEVER, EVER, EVER,  tell anyone else they are Dom'ing a pm exchange from the bottom....  That is like criminally funny!!!

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You're what every devoted sub should aspire to... bravo.

Aww thanks..... :)

This thread has come full cycle--
From openly chastising a fraud--
via--fact and humor--
to your acquisition of--
potential online submissives! =D
A pleasure to read--

Reading you pm earlier--
I was reminded that you have not offered a composition of late--
concerning useful--tips--for sexual enjoyment.
What a splendid way to begin training your--subs--
I think the--kegal milking--would be a delightful start--

jus sayin-- ;-)

Erotic offerings have been quite lacking as of late.

Ohhhh, now I "get" what you were saying on my D/s thread...... I will totally get busy typing on that... It's a WIGGLY topic so don't think your NOT gonna be busy later after I write this..Plus...I need all the practice I can get..... :D

oh shyt. ive talked to a couple of these types. big talk on a screen, ***** in action. the chick who sels avon to me is more dom then this dude. pfft. keep laughing at them baby girl. you know what you got at home.

"the chick who sells avon to me is more dom then this dude. " - AAHAHHAHA.... I almost spit out my coffee!

she is to got guns bigger then a wrestler. nobody goin steal her makeup.

myaah...I wanna be a fly on the wall and watch you deal with a guy like this....I think I'd even PAY for that and you know how flippin frugal I can be!! :D I cracked right up @ the Feared Dom Avon Lady.....First there was "50 Shades of Gray" THEN The Avon Mistress added COLOR to their world..... I swear...I could totally get out of hand with this whole idea!! :D I'll be laughing at this all day now.... :D

You guys crack me up. I'm gonna need more Avon, myself cause I've cried my mascara off from the giggle fits.

Oh jeez ms.....I just cracked up all over again reading about the "Combat ready Avon Lady!!"

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I've actually been planning to have a word with you on this very topic, so I'm glad you brought it up. It's true - you do act a bit overly confident when you comment on my postings. For example, you've made several very flippant comments about my penis, when - as I'm sure anyone will agree - you should only be posting at all if your remarks are openly respectful, flattering and complimentary.

Please bear in mind that my penis is not there for your amusement or your derision. It's there for your awed appreciation. And maybe the occasional hand-job.

Please, in future, remember to be more aware of your status and act accordingly, young lady.

I totally cracked up reading this.....For YOU Graham I can only offer a very humble and respectful...Yes Sir.... You're Penis ROCKS!! and I totally compliment your emerging abs!! I think you have an adorable face and nice hands too!! you feel adored enough now? :D....G-Guy this was the BEST!! :D

Hmm... I'm not sure that I can accept the sincerity of your words, here. I suspect there might be some sarcasm involved. Not entirely appropriate from someone of your status.

*Bows deeply and wait for forgiveness!!* Then we're gonna play switch right and I get to crack my whip and wear my thigh highs and make you do kinky things to yourself??? Right? Right? Can we? :D

Oh, **** yeah... OK... let's do that. What things? What should I do first?

Awwwww YOU can be my online subby-Guy!! I TOTALLY got to give this some serious thought....I am just wakin up and need coffee.....I can't Dom properly without my caffeine!! *cracks whip just to set the mood!*

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Oh but Sie you do "Dom" from the bottom :P LOL your story has me cracking up! I needed the laugh since things have been rough as of late. You never cease to bring a smile to my face or a laughter from it! <3

LOL @ Carmel......I got my whip ready for ya now sexy girl! *snap* Call me Mistress Sie!! Smiles are good...hugs and hugs.....I hope things start to get better for you..... MORE hugs...

LOL *giggles* Yes, Mistress Sie! Thank you for the hugs Mistress! :)

AWESOME!! Now I have 2, count them 2 online line subbies!! I tell ya! I'm doin good at this so far!! :D I'm gonna be a wiggly and huggy Mistress! I DEMAND wiggly hugs at least twice a day!! :D

LOL Yes Mistress wiggly hgs

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Looking4, WOWzerzzz.....You really laid into this one!! I figured you might after out talk last night. It was a good one too! ♥ I LOVE it that you think I'm goin all "alpha" on ya!! Yeahhh babyyy! *cracks that whip and slips on the thigh highs!* I loved it when we were talkin last night and you called me "Grasshoppah" too.....That's almost as cool as when you say I "delight" you!! Cause it means I am learning and growing as a person and getting stronger and more able to stand up and face life and some of the whacky folks in it, head on......That ROCKS!

I was a little bummed yesterday and for a little while I didn't know quite what to think about all this...but I do have hubs and a couple other folks I ask stuff and that always helps!! Yayy for an AWESOME hubs and AWESOME buddies!!

The, "Second Life" peeps are sad. It was even fruitier that they talked on the phone and texted and stuff but never fully showed how they looked to each other. They claimed they wanted to keep the "mystique" alive... Then when they met for the first time they tried to dress and act all cool but let's face it...Ya reach a certain age and body type and bikini tops and shorty shorts don't work for the ladies and shirtless doesn't sit all that good on the guys..... They tried to be who they were online but it didn't work cause they weren't those people.

I'd HATE being into that whole rock star thing anyways....Yuck!!! I like my cute lil house in the country with my gardens and cooking!! I like to go out and dance with hubs at clubs and on vacations but that is just for fun. Our life is way quieter and more nature based. I'd wayy rather go hiking or camping then charging around doing shows and as AWESOME as hubs could pull off the long haired, shirtless rock star from a looks standpoint.....his personality would SUCK for it and I sure as shoot wouldn't want a bunch of groupies all over him either.... DOUBLE YUCK!!

So if I ever go on Second Life I'd have to come up with something wayyyyy different!! :D

I think there are tons of fakes around here but there are also a LOT of new girls looking to experiment with D/s and are brand new and those girls are the ones I would love to help find a safer and happier road to travel in all this...

As always rough guy......You said what you meant and I LOVE ya for it...... I never worry about waking up some morning to find you're not the man I married....That is worth sooo much!! YOU ROCK!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Bravo--my love--
To hold sway over the weak and broken--
holds no challenge--
nor any opportunity for growth or betterment on either side.
To master dominion over an equal--
via fair win and earnings--
is the mark of success.

I am pleased to state that I see more Dominant qualities in you--
my petite--green-eyed seductress--
then I see in any of these bogus--self proclaimed Doms.
What a delight to observe.
I see a very steady and measurable strengthening in your abilities to--handle--these imposters.
It brings me great pleasure.
EP has indeed offered us some highly unique opportunities--
to touch base with some very enlightened and fascinating individuals--
but also to observe the sad fictionalized existences of others.
Education is had in--all.

I did catch an intriguing documentary on individuals who claim an addiction to the--
Second Life--site.
One case utterly amazed me.
One man entered the site and created a persona which emulated the commonly popularized--rock star--traits.
Sexually undiscriminating--
A heavy consumer of both alcohol and drugs.

He in turn met and teamed with a female version of the same.
Large breasted--
Provocative dress--
Sexually undiscriminating--
High maintenance--
Suffering an extreme case of cu"t.
Yes. I do indeed mean--that--word.

Both held personalities that were--
and quite frankly--
dumber then a box of ******* rocks.
They spent increasingly more time developing their fantasy existence online.
Eventually--their actual existence collapsed.
Their real time partners left them--
taking their children--

The two fantasy mongers decided to meet in real time and continue their relationship.
What they discovered is that they were each--
over weight--
under achievers--
who in reality could not stand each other.

I would not be surprised--
in the least--
if a few personalities--
very similar to these--
are behind the screen names of any number of EP posters.

I do not direct this solely at the male dominants.
I feel that many of the submissive postings are offered by--
individuals seeking attention via tragedy.
I feel no pity for any person who seeks out destructive relationships--
not once but numerous times--
sometimes over decades--
and then cries woeful tears--
while still taking no action to help themselves.

A number of the stories Sie has directed me to shows none of the obvious effects of profound trauma that would be evident if one had actually endured the conditions stated.
I could of course be mistaken--
I am of a highly skeptical nature--
I do indeed look for signs that support claims.
In many--
if not most of these postings--
vast contradictions exist.
If I am mistaken and they are valid--
I can only state--
Life is created through the choices we make.
If an individual has access to the internet--
they have access to enough information to seek help.
If they do not--it is their choice.
Natural selection has perhaps evolved.

Looking4 I WISH I'd caught this documentary! Online interaction allows for so many smoke and mirrors. If you have a propensity for dishonesty, well....welcome to the pleasure dome! The internet is your oyster.....(Oh, and I laughed out loud at, "Yes I did indeed mean that word")

K it's spelled **** . its my nickname. Fukk, i was going to hit SL, fakes huh? In time baby girl is going to be domin on you. teach her up right so she knows how to hurt you so good.

RedRubies--If you were to Google Netflix features and use Second Life/Addiction--perhaps you could locate it. I saw another one more recently but the gentleman interviewed was an actual gaming designer for the site. That feature was not on addictions but he also had another--family--online.

I need to stop reading your stuff before I drink my coffee! LOL

LOL..*hands you some paper towel and a fresh steamy cup of coffee!* :D

Lol...this time i need an ice cube....i forgot to blow the damn thing before i took a healthy swallow! I think i should know better by now. I get too eager to see what mischief you have brewing and forget what i am doing! Lol

I gotta say, ep has been the catalyst for hubs and I to have some amazing talks and last night was just another fine example of how me landing in a pot of hot water in here with typing what I honestly think led us into another AWESOME conversation. We came to this site for some erotic fun but got a lot more!! ;)

He is a BIG supporter of, "quiet observation" He has also said... many times.. that simply by honestly stating my own thoughts and then just watching the responses is a great way of sorting out the folks who are compatible and those who need to be avoided.....Wow....I got a REAL dose of that yesterday!! It ROCKED tho!! Cause folks do sort themselves out.

I have found that there are 3 distinct schools of thought on this whole Dom idea.
The first ones are who I think are the REAL Dom's in real time and not just men creating a fantasy world in here. Those men all say.....Go for it Sie! Laugh at the losers who annoy you. They aren't worth any more then a good laugh.
These first run Doms are naturally confident and surprisingly enough....They are both successful and pretty darned happy in their real time worlds..

The next group are the "devil's advocates"and they are a good batch too cause they look and find a level of rationale in what others think and say and what they share with me is always good food for thought.

The last group are the ones who think I am a rebellious and disrespectful sub who needs punishments and proper, "handling" A note needs to be made here that a few of these guys are not so successful or happy in their real time lives.... From this point on I will ALWAYS consider this group to be the "Comical Doms" See....You guys TOTALLY sorted yourselves out for me! Yayyy YOU!!

I want to thank EVERYONE who shared their thoughts with me. I don't have to agree with an idea to appreciate it.... You ALL help me to improve my own personal levels of "discernment" **love that word it's one I TOTALLY stole from hubs!*

Hubs compared some of these guys to folks who live, "In" the "Second life" site who get sooooo caught up in some online fantasy world they end up not HAVING much of anything decent, whole or healthy in real time and it's sad...But not to worry...I stay with my own group and will never wander into your world and say mean things to you. Your life or fantasies are your business and not mine but don't think you can bug me and not get laughed at on my own threads. If that doesn't work for you then don't bug me....Simple right?

I have LOVED meeting and talking to some new Doms who are pretty darn sensible and look forward to hearing from others!! See, sometimes when I land in hot water it is a really good thing cause even while I am bubbling away in the pot.... I am still learning!! That ALWAYS ROCKS!! ♥

Just few of the pretentious men who is need to impress women.
Nice touch Sierra.^^

Aww thanks Ladyr.....yup, I think you're right.....just another form of attention seeking....

Talk about too much. You couldn't make this stuff up!!

I totally wish it was just somebody goofing on me but some of these folks are totally serious...... :O How the heck do they manage to cope in modern society with ideas like this???? I got a girl buddy right here on ep that I know in real time too and I got no doubt if she ever ran into some joker with this attitude she'd lay him out in about 10 seconds..... Stuff and ideas like this only work in private groups and at certain times off line.....Cause the majority of people, at least in my world...would eat them up and spit them out if they wandered around making demands like that in the real world.....None of them would walk into my job and say that to me..... after the ninja dudes showed him the door they'd totally laugh about it too... I think honest to goodness Dominant men think these guys are whack jobs... My hubs sure does....

I totally didn't mean to offend any of my Dom buddies by writing this...... My Dom buddies are "buddies" and I have respect for ALL my buddies but just cause someone calls them self a Dom.....doesn't mean I am going to treat the person any different then I would a person who tells me they are a fireman or teacher. I hope that makes sense and doesn't sound even more disrespectful..... But now you got me wondering just how "respectful" I even need to be to someone who thinks they are in some way elevated above me.....Saying I am not to consider myself his "peer" struck me as funny cause I don't tend to be all ready to get offended at the drop of a hat......but it was insulting.......

Only you Sierra... only you! I am fine with a Dom setting the tone of a conversation but to advise someone you have had only brief communication with that you are topping from the bottom is ridiculous. You certainly posted your story in the write category ;-)

I got some kind of weird magical sign on my profile RR....I must....but this was at least really funny..... I was polite and not at all disrespectful to him either. I'm never like that with anyone...But when he said I couldn't treat him like a "peer" I knew it was "exit time" I'm a subby but I'll be damned.....I don't pretend to be "less then" for anybody.... especially some strange dude on the internet.... He might be a Dom but as humans go we stand on equal footing......On that issue I OWN my own darn TOP!! :D Hubs is always saying I have strong alpha tendencies, here and there, this must be one of those spots!! :D least you got a good laugh to start the morning :-D

I did jacee!! I really did and just had to get everybody else giggling right along with me!! :D

Aww you're welcome rough guy...... I'll do ANYTHING to get a laugh out of you!!

Another, awwwwwwww and thanks for trying to keep your "inner *****" under control too but do me a favor.....NEVER keep the "outer" one under control......I like Mr. Biggy just the way he is!! :D

"Toppin from the bottom" sounds like something you do to a cake but I do think you're right on that! he wasn't in my circle......That's why I was talking to him to see if he was gonna be sane and social enough to let thru the door....NOT..... "Another One Bites the Dust!" is playin again... That song is becoming a real staple around here!! I swear.... :D

Thank you--my love for sending me a copy of this letter.
I must admit that I also chuckled.
What else is one left to do in view of such absurdity?

I believe that should have been stated as--topping from the bottom--
I could be wrong.

Please tell me you were deleting him from your inbox and--not--your circle.

I did enjoy your retelling of this.
While I appreciate your referring to him as a--poor guy--
That was most generous of you.
I of course--
consider him a doltish *******--
I will refrain from aiming a direct statement of such--
as I am attempting to curb my--
judgmental *****-like nature this morning. ;-)