You Can't Dominate A Dominant .... * Buzzer Goes Off *

I don't know why men insist on trying to convert Me.

Cocksure is limp.

Go Away, Zeus... I'm a mortal woman who doesn't like Onanists.
TheWomanWhoDid TheWomanWhoDid
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You can totally dominate a Dominant... just not in the field of BDSM. :-p Maybe try sports or a game or something, that might work.

*guffaw* Being that I use a motorised wheelchair, I suck at sport. :)

I bet you could race them all out of the way with yours. ;-)

*dingdingding* Oh believe me, I have.

I hereby rename your wheelchair K.I.T.T.(Y.C.A.T.)! :-D

Hahahhha! My name isn't Michael Knight, but OK. She's actually called Chaos, because I am Mz Maihem.

That works too. ^^

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Hello SunniL.


Onanists... hmm.

Unless there's an alternative meaning for that word that I'm not yet aware of, then I'm an onanist. I do a bit of onanising most days. In fact, I onaned myself this morning, already. Although, at least that means I don't have the same problem as Cocksure.

I better keep my distance.

ROFL TheNakedPoet!
I was sort of thinking the same thing over here... Then again, I never have an issue with anyone trying to make me be an ornanist. I think I was there all on my own!

TheWomanWhoDid, don't take offense... I am just being silly.

Oh boys... A lady doesn't say '******'. ************ is fine, just never with Me as a sub to you.