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Let's List Some Imperfections, Shall We?

Always trying to take charge of things.
Frequently drives others crazy.
Insists on ridiculously high standards.
Typically sharing humor no one else gets.
Excellent at ******* people off.

Shall I go on?  Oh, hell, wait a minute..... am I describing you or me?!

Fwiw, you don't drive me crazy.  I can let you take charge of things for me, because not only does it give me a break from always having to direct things, but I know things are still going to get done right.  I like it when you make jokes, and I catch you laughing at mine even when you don't want to.  And you rarely **** me off.  In fact, I can't figure out how either of us wind up ******* off so many others--as I see it, we're both pretty normal.

I'm glad I don't drive you crazy.  We make a pretty good team, you and I.  You don't have to change a thing to be perfect for me.
romanticidiot romanticidiot 46-50, M Oct 22, 2010

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