Although You Are Not Here...

My hope that you have a life filled with people who care and experiences that you enjoy. : ) It is ok that you have gone to make a life you can call your own. This I understand like anyone over a certain age does  I am sure. Your successes I will applaud and look upon as I always have with pride and feelings of love for you as I most always have. You may be one of mine but that is not a term I use in any way to be posessive. You are your own person. i recently realized that the last two weeks was the longest I have spent without one you sharing a home with me.  Naturally this may be easier for you because you are starting something new in your life. My life is not ending but is changing in a way that makes adjusting difficult. Separation is a natural and expected process. Without feelings it would be easier to deal with this process. You deserve to be as happy as a person can be.
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41-45, F
Jul 13, 2010