Drama Drama Or I Can't Face My Own Crap So I'll Stur Up Yours!!!!

too much Drama..Too many people sticking their nose into everyone... ANYONE else s beesNass!!!

Just stop it!!!! Stop it... For the love of all things cute and Fuzzy STOP IT!!!

Grab a karma mirror and take a long hard look at yourself; and guess what Your just as flawed as everyone else! face it, then work on what you don't like IN YOURSELF. That is the ONLY person you can really change, and all the meddling is resulting in nothing but more negativity and hostility headed in YOUR direction!!!

To the Grammar natzies, sexiest pigs, hate mongers, drama queens and kings people who just "know" better then everyone else, The righteous perverts, the moral zealot crusaders, the Bigots, the homophobes, the half witted psudo intellectuals, and anyone else who just can not leave people the F alone. Knock it off..... Bcause......



Have a great day :)
CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
11 Responses Nov 17, 2010

WEEeeeeeee. Sounds like a plan!!!!

YES...SHE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need help with that fish flogging? One Jack-booted, Viking Thug reporting for duty.... and I know where I can find a Bitchy Wiccan Feminist Medical ***** to help!

*bows again*<br />
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YOURRRrrrrrr Welcome :)

ok I'm am ROLLING with laughter. I LOVE IT. <br />
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Blessed are those who mind there own business INDEED!!!!!

I have no idea what this really great rant is all about but a sermon I heard as a child comes to mind. Picture a small town, somewhat rural congregation addressed by an over 60 alcoholic Irish priest. The sermon in its entirety: "If there was a ninth beatitude it would be: Blessed is he who minds his own business." He turned away,walked back to the alter and continued on with the mass. You can, I hope, imagine the reaction. This simple statement always comes to mind when someone fails to honor the very simple concept of courtesy.

Lol, I agree, this is great! Give 'em a smack with the fish O truth!! So glad to see you back and looking forward to the next rant :)

*bows* thank you..... Had to come back with a good dose of Miss Cheeky's smack you in the face with the fish O truth!<br />
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More to come. I have a few more rants stored up. :)

**applause!!** Standing O for Miss Cheeky! I love this, it's exactly what I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs last night :) The title is just perfect and made me roll over laughing cause, sad to say, it's so true. I'm so glad to have you and your "cute and fuzzy" wisdom back ..... {{{{{HUGS}}}}}


Thank you... and HUGGS

Very well said CG =)