One Day At The Store

While Visiting a friend I found myself on an errond run. She needed a few things forgotten to prepare the meal. Alright not a problem there was a store just down the street they would have what was needed to finish the meal.

I take another friend and her boyfriend to help. The store was 4 blocks away and I only have two arms last time I checked.

So off we go. Now my friend Morgan is a very picky eater and decided to pick up a few things for herself. Her and her boyfriend grab the necessary Items and then precede to check out.
Mind you, the couple had been given dirty looks by the clerk the entire time they where in the store. It was increasingly obvious the clerk had an issue with them as a couple, every time they displayed affection toward each other the clerk would scowl and huff . They where not overt in their affection, just the normal displays one would see from any couple still not jaded.
Holding hands, a loving smile and one peck on the cheek, seemed to drive the clerk out of his mind. By the time they got to the counter the clerk was well beside himself with an anger without reason.

I forgot the condensed milk, so I stepped out of line an proceeded to retrieve it.

I hear from the clerk as I place my hand on the can.
"you two live here?" they replied no they where visiting a friend. I saw Jessie place his arm around Morgan and the clerk lost his mind.
"Do not do that in my store it is DISGUSTING!!" he ROARED!.
My friends where embarrassed by that, Jessie removed his arm . They paid for their goods and quickly left.

Me on the other hand, Well that was an entirely different story!

I proceeded to fill my basket with anything I could find that was "Spendy" I made sure I filled the basket up.

I placed my basket on the counter and let the clerk ring it all up.
I struck up a conversation "so, what was that all about" and I motioned to my friends who where still in view of the window. The Clerk replied "People should stick to their own kind" He had a tone of repulsion that would turn the stomach of a vulture.

I was fuming inside

So .... the clerk gives me the total.
I smiled kindly and said.
"I don't think I want to buy anything from your store, you Sir are a disgusting Bigot and I will be sure to tell everyone I meet what kind of person you are, you think about that when you think of the money you lost here today and know I have lots of friends in this neighborhood!!"

Then I left and never went back. And yes I did tell everyone I knew Who shopped there what had happened. A few of my friends also stopped by and made a non-purchase.

The idea of "their own kind" just ticks me off to no end. In my beliefs we are all related. The notion of superior genes absolutely Infuriates me. PEOPLE dark skin, brown eyes, dark hair are all ALL DOMINATE genes. The idea that some random stranger thinks they have any kind of right to pass judgment on someone elses relationship or the quality of their being simply due to the color of their skin is not only irrational it is flat out wrong.

People who are of that mind do not listen to logic, they HAVE to be shown. Making a point that hit that clerks pocket will make a lasting impression and force him to really think about things more then any rant I could have made.
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9 Responses Jan 4, 2011

testofTime, I think giggles made a reasonable assumption. your statement could easily have been taken as you felt I was punishing the clerk by what I did. I kind of got that impression myself. regardless of your intent your commentary did prompt a very valid point in that Inaction = permission. and that is a point that should have been brought to the surface. <br />
Even if an assumption is wrong, if it brings to light truth it is still useful. Your original meaning may have been lost However you Brought another truth to light. That is the beauty of open discussions. <br />
No judgments here just discussion :)

Giggles, you misunderstood.....assumptions, assumptions, assumptions

Thank you Miss Giggles and Alluneedis<br />
<br />
The above By the way is what has gotten me into plenty of trouble,<br />
I have an allergy to Stupidity , upon exposure I react. While I can not say this reaction is a violent one, it can be hazardous,

Well, I for one APPLAUD what you did. It was perfect and drove home the point much more effectively than standing there yelling at that bigoted clerk. I don't happen to think that showing someone just how disgusting their actions are (in a civil manner) is forcing my beliefs on them, as TestofTime seems to think. It is those that stand in silence and allow such behavior to pass that foster hatred and bigotry. KUDOS Miss Cheeky :)

The point of my Non purchase is there are Consequences to ones actions. He has a right to be a BIGOT and I have a right to NOT buy anything from him. He also has a right to know why. what he does with that information is up to him. <br />
I simply chose to NOT reward his offensive behavior with MY money. and I MADE sure I made my point clear. <br />
A rant in the store would have been poor behavior on my part. As the customer I HAD the power, I chose to exercise it.

Yeah your a great story teller!!! I don't really believe in forcing your beliefs on someone, even they are without a doubt wrong. He is a racist and that harms people, true, but so does punishing people. I still commend you for speaking your mind and making a statement.


Great idea. Show him how his ignorance is stupid rather than just tell him. Unfortunately ignorance is still taught to their children by so many.

I love it..hit him where it hurts...his pocket book!