Slander!!!!! Or Or It Isn't All About You Or Thanks For The Hot Pics Tpr

I just could not decide on a proper title. they all seem to apply!!!

We have all these Freaky and dangerious groups talking about the most sick and Violent of topics...

now when I say Sick, I am not comming from some uptight puritanical point of view.
Hey you want to dress up like a school girl and call your lover master while he wears your underware and slathers himself with butter... hey have at it... I don't even care If your dressed up as a horse and wearing a diaper.. **** go ahead and sit in pudding for an hour just so you can wipe your but with the cat... whatever  so long as everyone is a CONCENTING ADULT it dosen't matter to me how many stories you write. Do get me wrong I will laugh , but I will have the decency to not post why I find it amusing.

No I mean Sick , the stuff that serves no other purpse but to bring pain and mysery on another against their will just so YOU can feel good. that to me is sick.  There is NO amount of EDUCATION on the subject I can get from anyone that will ever tell me it is OK to harm another person and Especiallu NOT for ones amusment, sorry. I choose not to attent THAT school thank you very much!!!

The kicker is that a story that complains about the sick and violent groups can be ripped down... WHY because the people who creat the deprived groups start to complain about all the Grief they are taking. Oh MY GASH People are telling them they are WRONG and they can not handel it. they are content to sit in the dark and be a sick as they please but don't DARE tell them how sick they are.. oh no... then they cry SLANDER and They Cry ABUSE...

Some of US get accused of trolling or slandering a Poster WHEN NO MENTION OF THAT PERSONS NAME WAS USED.

FOR IT TO BE SLANDER you Actually have to mention NAMES , it HAS to damage you in some way (unless you name on your brith cert is Weeblwobble or GumbaGumab or something  IT DOESNT COUNT!

(I made up those too names off the top of my head as far as I know there isnt an ep member with those names,)

2. Trolling... IT means Following a person from story to story or site to site and doing nothing but giving them grief each and every time you post!
  It is personal they go out of their way to find you for the sole purpose of making you miserable.
A person who RARLY posts outside of their own circle can HARDLY be called a troll..

How is it EP enforces these standards upone those who stand up to the sick ones yes when we voice our concern regarding criminal stories WE get shut down. We TOLD it is up to US to keep EP a good place to visit, We are told they are too Busy and we need to do our part. and when we do.

the story gets ripped down... HOW IS THAT... it is HYOCRITICAL!

Making people Prove their age would clean up EP in a red hot second..

1. roaches do not like the light. we will have less of the Sick / dangerious people if they had some link to their real identies being handed out in order for them to post their sick desires.

2. The authorities will have a way to trace them a heck of a lot faster!

Make an adult section , make them HAVE to prove their age.
via refundable credit card transaction

It will keep the kids away from the predators and it will make law inforcements job easier!!!

Oh yeah the last part of my title.   Yeah yeah so miss J showed us one pic. but I never did say thank you :P I can see how some may be upset at not getting the pleasure..  I think they should just get over themselves about it though, and not acuse you of doing things you did NOT do!  just My humble opinion.
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LOL BEll.....<br />
<br />
As soon as someone has to say BUT I DON"T JUDGE" guess what they say it because they JUST made a judgment. <br />
<br />
they are just trying to convince themselves .

Ok, why doesn't ep use that good idea instead of just leaving the "xxxrated" crap out there for anyone to pass by and read. The one's who wave the flag of free speech and say we must be looking for it are dead wrong once again! It's in your face every time you log on. It runs down the side of the profile pg., these trolls are "recommended" friend material at the top of my page, I go to join a group and half of the stories have little or nothing to do with the experience but are all about some person's wild sexcapades (as Miss SC so aptly put it). I'm not looking for it, it damn well jumps out at me and I'm tired of it. I don't mind adult humor or a few stories meant for the over 21 crowd but that's not what we who complained are talking about. The out and out hypocrisy of some is astounding. The chick who decided to tangle with this family by calling out Trooper writes how she doesn't judge anyone but at the same time doesn't engage in all the cyber sex nonsense here, but at the same time most of her friends write nothing but adult stories, and at the same time she hits on any guy she thinks might give her an eyeful in his pics.... ok, I got DIZZY writing that. Geeze, that broad needs psychiatric counseling !! Good god I wrote my own darn rant, shoulda put up a story! Lol, sorry about that, you already know all this stuff.<br />
<br />
Btw, wibblewobbles thought she was being quite witty by writing "badass" but for her information... the man is one HOT BADASS!! Lol, just ask old Miss Ethel, she got an eyeful of him in his skivvies and she's never been the same ;) Too bad hippygirl never got to see him.... I hope it eats her up wondering just what Giggles man looks like. Hahaha I would be remiss If I didn't thank trooper for the hot pics, too :) See? she should've kept her skirt down and her mind on a higher plain and Giggles would have given her a peep at that hunky man. I'm having way to much fun, I better stop. Byeeee

Haha, omg, "Dictionary for Dummies".... I have to remember that one (I love stealing other's work). <br />
<br />
@ Trpr... aaw, I likes me some hot half naked trooper and that pic was "DELICIOSO" **reaches for fine trpr with claws of ruby red** teehee **scampers from room to text Ms. TrannyFanny new pic**

It is always interesting to me that most of EP can agree with something and it only takes one "pretend hippy" and two real trolls to scare EP into dropping the subject and removing a story that might help someone. I guess that's why I have a job... people are idiots. Good rant but too many are probably busy making up their latest baby fantasy or asking for crotch pics of the men on here to bother reading it. Sad but true.<br />
<br />
(as for the pic of that trpr, it has been removed and only the privileged were exposed to such horrors, trolls are scary. I for one am glad it's gone, LMBO)

I know the point of complaining is to be heard so that something can be done. <br />
We where heard. and she responded, you would think people would acknowladge that and not rage on her.<br />
<br />

the pic: Hahaha, OH YES, Praise the Goddess !!! <br />
<br />
Aaw, I didn't see that people were ragging on Arsineh, that's a shame. She at least took the time to write a comment and try to update us on what they are doing. If people want their help then they can't yell at them about it when they answer. Arrgh, people are dufus sometimes.

when I looked further down in my activities I did see the story? but it will not come up in a search. <br />
so it is there but it isnt there.<br />
<br />
*sigh*<br />
<br />
I did notice ppl getting down on EP Arnish... that is totally unfair she in only one person she can not do it all. EP is a team of people, she seems to be doing her bit... what the rest of the team is doing is anybodies guess. <br />
<br />
the pic. ;.. LOL I do not blame ya one Bit. I CONGRATULATE you !!!!!! YOU have a good guy, and after all you have gone through in life the universe had him pretty too.. PRAISE THE GODDESS!!!!

Omg, I love your "humble opinion" and wholeheartedly agree! I can't for the life of me figure out why they took the man's story and all 106 comments down.... EP Arsineh, herself, commented and lauded all who cared enough to comment. Hmm.... me thinks me smells a rat in EPland. I would suggest that some invest in a dictionary (or at least learn to hit "google") and learn the true definition of troll and slander.... oh, and a short course on the meaning of "free speech" wouldn't hurt either.<br />
<br />
Btw, as to your last statement.... lol, that was a pretty hot pic of trpr, eh? Too bad some didn't get a chance to ogle it for a bit :) I get to ogle that man every night and all I got to say is WooHoo! You are most welcome, lol.