Cheekys List Of Dangerious Words

So much talk and so little thinking, has inspired me to write down what I have come to understand as my top 10 Most dangerous words to date. Before one thinks, words can not harm me, let me say this. Wars and violence have ridden on the coat tails of a single word. 

While the word may seem harmless or even good it is the negligent application of that word that makes it dangerous. This list is not necessary in any order of importance, as I am of the opinion that each is just as dangerous in it's own way. These are the words I have found to cause far more damage then the most profane expletive  or insult. 

I do have to say right up front, before anyone gets their bee in their bonnet I am not an atheist,

My intention is to leave this list up for some time before I give any explanation of WHY I find these words dangerous thus allowing the reader time to ponder them from their own understanding and perspective.

1. Belief
2. Faith
3. Forgiveness
4. God
5. Justice
6. Peace
7. Morals
8. Righteous
9. Sorry
10. expectation

I will ask the reader to take a few moments to consider each word in it's common application and usage before commenting.

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5 Responses Jun 26, 2011

Miss Cheeky, Giggles is so right. This is one of the most interesting and thought provoking posts I've seen in a very long time. I find I agree, all are commonly heard on a daily basis, and often used as a weapon and yet each word on it's own and used the way intended by it's dictionary meaning should cause no harm. I'm anxious to see why you feel these words are dangerous and I'll be considering carefully my reasons and come back and post another comment. Thank you for this story, it's excellent.

I am sooo glad at least one person is wiling to really evaluate like you are<br />
<br />
BIG HUSS in the personal growth department<br />
<br />

Hmm...I looked at the list again, and began with the first word "belief". When I was finished writing, I had run the gammot of emotions and found myself with a full story on just the one word. Your post has really been thought provoking and caused me to look deep within to make sure (hopefully) that I do NOT use these words to ever harm anyone. That would break my heart. I also found myself remembering a moment when I heard all these words together in a speech/sermon that caused me great concern and caused the listening audience to rise to their feet with screaming applause.... it was frightening. <br />
So back to the writing board I go, guess this will end up being 10 stories or one combining the words and their effect on me one fine Sunday morning when I was 12. Wow, you have really made me think (NO, it didn't hurt a bit, I'm gettin' used to it! =) and reflect on just how insidious commonly used words can be. I love it when someone with a working mind and great insight posts on EP. A rare thing, sad to say! I shall return, as they say. Btw, I look forward to seeing an intelligent question on the q&a board from you.

Thank you miss Giggles, I can not wait to read your understanding of these words .<br />

As I read your list, each word blared like a siren in my being and I have definite reasons (mostly personal experience) for why I find many, if not all, of your list harmful when taken in "common application". This is an excellent post and I will be interested to see what other's have to say. Lol, I have so much to say that it may take a seperate story to break down what each of these words has done to me in my lifetime...both good and bad. I've written down your list and will return with my answer either here or in a post in this group. I was amused to see that 6 of the ten words you listed have been used on me in the past couple of days ... (hence my rhyming rant in scare the neighbors group) Kudos for making us stop and think about "dangerous words" and how something as common as your list can cause irreparable damage. <br />
Love and light, Giggles