Tiny Rant #378

I could do my rant in the style which my family has become accustomed to.... a wild string of cursing that makes Chevy Chase's vacation rants look like that of a school child.   But I won't....  you are not worth it.  I will simply tell you that you don't know what you think I don't know so I will tell you what I know so you will be IN the know... (omg, that made me dizzy!)

I love this group.  The title just says it all for me.  As much as you think you know, I see that you don't know NOTHIN'!!  Oh and there is much you think I don't know but you are wrong, I know far more than you would guess.  Your ignorance makes me giggle ;)  To quote a movie I never watched but love the line..... "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!".....  (Jack Nicholson is a hoot).   And funny, but your name contains "true".... too bad it doesn't fit your persona.  Yes, look up the word persona.... I used it correctly when speaking of you.  You wear a social mask and put yourself out here as a person who cares and only wishes to "help" those in need, those who are broken and could use a shoulder to lean on and some advice.  AAAHH, but the real you shines through when one speaks to you long enough.  I have not had to put up with the sudden drop into paranoia or the schizophrenic behavior that one of my friends has encountered with you.  That is a GOOD thing for you because I am not kindly disposed to sitting back and allowing myself to be treated in such a manner.  My friend, however, was at a low point in her life and she was not strong enough to stop your bullying or attacks.  Yes, my family has spoken to her at length and the more we find out about how you treated her, the more we want to do a bit of azz whipping.
I have to say, you had all of us fooled for quite some time.  Your interesting conversation and fun sense of humor drew us in and we let down our defences.  But you couldn't keep up the act and fell over the edge of normalcy starting your craptastic nonsense by yelling at me and saying my family could go eff themselves.... yup, right out of the blue you lost it and had us all scratching our heads in wonder.  Lol, you didn't have the guts to say anything to the men in my family so you picked on me thinking I'm weak and too ill to fight back.  Hahaha, oh my, you were so wrong.  I'm told by one in my family that my response to you set you back on your boot heels and was totally unexpected.  I may not be big or strong, but what I lack in strength I make up for in WORDS....  don't mess with me or my giggle fades and I will chew you up and spit you out like yesterday's bad jerky!  Oh but after a bit of time you decided you were wrong and that the crazy crap floating in that cesspool of a mind you have was quite ridiculous so  you made your excuses and apologized.  Some in my family let you off the hook and allowed you back in, including me.  Lol, Miss Belle was not one of them.  She is quiet and lady like but very  old school, vendetta carrying, Italian Mama and she knew not to let you near her again.  I should've listened to her but my husband and I decided to give you another chance because our young friend seemed satisfied with your reason for drinking from the paranoia pond.  On reflection it was a mistake born in hell to allow you back in to our lives.

I've held my tongue and said nothing, even though my entire family is ready to punch your lights out for the horrible way you treated our friend.  Today?  I feel like telling you what you don't seem to understand....  you are reaping what you've sown....  and instead of gloating about it, I only feel sad and sorry for the pitiful mess you've made of your life.  Do not think the Goddess has not taken notice of the crappola you have pulled, the snyde remarks, the hurtful things you've said, the obfuscation when Trooper, myself, Miss AF, or others have asked you a question to see if you are real or just playing a game with us.  You don't have to believe in Her or Her power to feel the wrong end of it !!!  I would NOT want to be you.... perhaps you don't realize it but the world you've built is crumbling all around your ears.  Coincidence?  ...  no, I don't think so.  And don't think for a minute Karma has nothing to do with that.  It is sometimes, as old John Lennon said, INSTANT, and it will get you. 

Yes, as the title so succinctly puts it, I know you don't know what you think I don't know.  Without going into detail for the world to see, I will tell you this and I hope you take it seriously.  There is a darkness in you that you need to deal with before it splinters your mind and does irreperable damage.  You know what that darkness is, it doesn't know names, places, or have feelings.... it is evil and deceptive.  As one of my sisters has said so well, hindsight is 20/20 and  I am looking back and have seen what you are.  You have shown you are controlling and manipulative, whether consciously or subconsciously, and thank the Goddess my young friend finally saw through it.  You don't seem to understand family  ( a truly sad state to live in) and that we actually talk to each other.  The one you trampled on sat and talked to all of her chosen family and we now know far more than you might think.  I , for one, wish I didn't know how truly deceptive you are for it saddens me and angers me beyond words. I spoke to you recently myself, asking you questions and making a request that would've put my mind at rest.  Your answer was a total fabrication to keep you from being found out.  You knew if you spoke to me, I am older and wiser than my young friend and would have seen right through you.  And then the one you hurt told us something we didn't know....  she wished to speak with you on the phone, wanted you to hear her voice and she to hear yours.... you would have none of it.  Red flags all around and yet she trusted you.  Do you not feel any shame for your accusations and ugly behavior?   

Yes, I am angry, but I wish you no harm.  What you take from this is completely up to you, but I am in hopes you will think about what you've done and turn your life around before it is too late and you lose what little you have left.  As I said, you do not have to believe in my Goddess to feel Her wrath for the harm you have inflicted on those She loves.

Now, for those who know me, I am sorry if my mini rant has not been all you wished it to be complete with my usual paragraph of wild and wooly names/curse words strung together to make you laugh.   This time, the harm that was done is no laughing matter.  It made me cry, not for myself but for my friend.  She didn't deserve to be treated in such a deplorable manner.
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ROFL...."satin cross-stitch".... yea, that was a bad pic, I like your picture better ;) Cheeky's a hoot!!!

teehee.... omg you aren't kidding!!!

LOL damn now THAT"S HOT!!!!

Yeah.... we can always use another Ninja!!! **passes my girl Floydess a heaping bowl of popcorn** Just sitting back watching karma work ;)<br />
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YES, I LOVE SLURPEES!!!!!!!!!!!! **tosses down rootbeer and slurps sister's slurpee** MMMMM.... it's hotter than Satan's crotch here and I needed that!!!

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Tahahaha "Bogarting" the rootybeer =D (omg I miss YankeeLand!) **passes rootbeer to Cheeky** Soooorrry, you do look a bit tired but you started this popcorn fest!! lol<br />
Hey, you got any of that Spotted **** ?? Teehee.... I want to leave some on the doorstep of my lovely neighbors ;)) I was thinking, It'll be a nice treat for them when they come home from a lonnnnnnng morning of hell fire and damnation preaching ... I should be nice and give them some. Hmmm... **skips off to "neighborhood scare fest" to make plans** lmbo

salt....check........*scampers about panting* .... butter.. check... *huff huff*....... ok caramel.... who wanted caramel... oh wait that's mine... yummy.....<br />
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Hey Miss G stop Bogarting the rootybeer :P I are a thirsty ham ham running around making popcorn for all you people.....<br />
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JIffy POP ANYONE !!!!?????? *pases Bowl of popcorn*

YIPPEE CHOPSTICKS!!!!!!!!! Lol, lookout everyone, flying popcorn ;) Teehee Sis, N will get you for giving me chopsticks you know :) Aaw but it's two to one and he doesn't stand a chance against you and me =D<br />
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Oh I love the pearl of wisdom from Welshbabe!! Soooo very true!! I hadn't thought about it but you're right, friends and family coming to one's defence and being outraged by such behavior actually does take the sting out and enables me to laugh a bit and put it behind me. It is definitely too late for this particular person to regain trust, it's the second time he has blasted my friends and family for no apparent reason... two strikes and you're out at Giggles ballpark! <br />
<br />
Now, just a bit of butter and salt you say? This is getting to be quite a popcorn party....better go pop a bit more!

Haha, she got you with "candid camera"... lol. Hey, I could go for popcorn, I like cheese salt on mine, please. **sits down to watch the fallout with a big smile on face**

Now don't get yourself all spun up (teehee, finally! I get to say that to you for once!!) He's gone and forgotten.... karma will burn his butt and we just sit back and enjoy the show. Don't think I don't appreciate you caring what some dork says about me or my family, but he's not worth the powder to blow him to that hell you always talk about... now smile for me.... it's CANDID CAMERA BABY!!! omg, I just had to tease you a bit about that ;D Mwah!!! **skips away humming "authority always wins"** teehee

I still can't say anything about that fool without getting angry. SC is well rid of him and he'd better NEVER bother you again. And after knowing you for so many years and now Miss Cheeky, AE, and SC... better pass that popcorn over here cause that idiot has brought some real crap down on his own head and it will be my pleasure to watch him get buried under it.

**pulls up chair between Cheeky and me for SC and passes popcorn** uh-oh!!....that's all I've got.....

"do not think the Goddess has not taken notice" .... no, he doesn't believe in Her power or existence and I don't think he believes in karma (hard to tell, he skirted any answers to what he believes and made it clear what I believe is useless) but I agree, he has brought this on himself and disbelief will not save him. You're right, it began to come back on him a few weeks ago and has only gotten worse for him....sad, really. Too bad he wouldn't listen. Thinking back I realise he always felt he was in the right and knew all the answers and what I thought was of little value. He thinks he's hurting me by not logging in here or to gmail. What he doesn't realise is, it's a breath of fresh air for me and my freedom and I'm happy he's gone. Kudos on the post , Miss Giggles, karma can be instant and I wouldn't want to be in his shoes.

Brook, OH YES, lol I heard your rants and the air was blue!! As long as I've been around I am still amazed by the cruel and vicious way some people treat others. I was just replying to a comment on a story I wrote the last time this dude went round the bend and yelled at all of us. I'd forgotten how cruel he was when answering a question on the board and made fun of those who come to EP. He quite a piece of work... and not in a good way. Thanks for taking the time to comment, hon. <br />
<br />
<br />
Lol, Miss Cheeky, I got my popcorn and root beer , too. I sure don't want to be him when the *&^% hits the fan and it comes back on him!! YIPES....from what I've heard through the grapevine it has already begun!

;) ..... waiting.... watching........ <br />
<br />
making popcorn. :)

You know I already did a rant or two and I might still have one more in me to let loose!! Of all the pinheaded, moronic, imbecilic, paranoid garbage to pull on someone as sweet as AF... omg, I'm still angry and I won't cool off anytime soon!! And Alluneedis is spot on... you mess with one in the family you have messed with all of us! I'm dayum happy you and AF have cut ties. Seems Belle was right when she said he'd just do it again, watch out. It sucks to be right about somethin' like that. He had me fooled, too, I didn't think he was this crazy. You live and learn, as they say.

Thank you so much Juliegirlie. Your opinion is so appreciated. Wishing you blessings for the coming week and sending {{HUGS}}

Have Great days beside Great Divinity. Soon...

Lol, BigRed, I forgot all about that. Yea, the next day you came over to see if everything was "all right" in the neighborhood ;) Yep, karma can be a real biotch. She'll be just fine with a good man like you as a friend and her family who cares so much for her. I agree with Belle, I'm happy she is free.

To my Sisters Alluneedis and Belle, thank you so much for all you've said. I am not the one hurt in all this, my heart, like yours, is with AF. True, it's good to let loose and get it out of my system. That's the beauty of EP, it gives us a place to vent our feelings and hug our family knowing they care.

Very nice post.<br />
Perfect for the etymology of "person".<br />
Perfect for the ex<x>pression of karma.<br />
Excellent for the call of the Goddess.<br />
Beautiful words rich register of conscience !

I have to admit I got a little dizzy reading that first paragraph, too! But I know what you mean. I remember the first time I stepped out on my back porch and heard a tiny woman ranting away in the dark... SCARED ME! Lol, you can be a force to be reckoned with, that's for sure. But sometimes you just have to let loose and get it out of your system. If you ask me, you showed great restraint here and actually tried to help the man. That's more than some of us would do. He was obnoxious to Miss AutumnFrost and to you and there was no excuse for it. Like you, I believe in karma... I wouldn't want to be him.

"that make Chevy Chase's vacation rants look like that of a school child"... is right!!! You know I love it when you go spinning yourself up into a good tirade... but in this case I totally agree. This was so hurtful for our little Sis, AF, that it made us cry for her and no curse or name could make any of us feel any better about this. Our Sis, Alluneedis, is right... every tear we shed for her will help her healing and just posting this has hopefully lifted a bit of the burden off you. I know you blame yourself that Miss AF ever met him. You didn't know he would do this and can't blame yourself. Lol, you are right, I AM old school, Italian mama, vendetta carrying MAD and he has harmed my entire family when he harms even one of us. He should keep his distance from me, I am in no mood to hold back and I will take off the gloves and show him what a "real" family does when you hurt one of us. I was quiet the first time he went nuts and simply dropped out of his circle. I will not be so quiet this time. <br />
For Miss AF, we love you dearly, and as Giggles said... you did not deserve to be treated in such a disturbing manner. I am thankful you are free. xoxo Belle

Thank you my sister. It is why I wrote this. The person can't hurt me but he went after another in my family and it truly has angered me. Hs actions were unconscionable. Most times I will simply ignore the ignorant but in this case, our sister was very hurt and there has been no attempt at an apology or any explanation. Not that I am willing to even entertain such, but you'de think he would at least say he was sorry for kicking her when she was down. <br />
<br />
ARGH!!! I'm ranting again.... lol, I need to stop and talk of happy things :)<br />
We LOVE YOU!!! okey doke, I'm all happy now... **dances over to my sister and grabs her tight** {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}