If I Ran The Election Process.

1. No candidate can run with a party affiliation.
2. There would be ONE escrow account Only, all candidates may ONLY pay for their campaigns from this Pool of funds. Funds are to be distributed EQUALLY
3. there would be an ELECTION website. Each candidate would have exactly the same layout with active links.
        1. their record and voting history while serving in office.
        2. a link for each topic the candidate stands for. example  : finance, diplomacy, economy, environment, social issues, fiscal budget allocation, and so forth.
                        Each candidate MUST write his or her stance on all topics THEM SELF in THEIR OWN WORDS.  No help from spin doctors will be permitted.

4. Town hall type campaigning will be held Via web cast. ALL candidates will be allowed to participate in town hall webcasts. Announcements of webcast schedules will be posted on websites of ALL news channels as well as mentioned by news casters.  Webcasts will be no longer then one hour long each. No candidate may have more then 10 webcasts total.
    - municipalities will grant access to it's citizens of government spaces to accommodate webcast viewing to those individuals who may not have access to the internet.  News channels will show webcasts in their entirety without any editing of material.

5. Corporate funds may not be used for candidate "public service" Advertising. All informative organizations promoting candidates will be scrutinized to
insure they are truly organize by individuals and NOT corporations

6. All candidates would be invited to participate in debates.   there will be one major topic per debates. as follows
                     1. Economics
                     2. Diplomacy
                     3. Budget allocation
                     4. environmental
                     5 Social issues
       Rather then one journalist running each debate there will an addition of 3 experts in that field who will also have the opportunity to ask each candidate 4 questions each and 3  follow up rebuttal questions 

7. the debates will be webcasts as well therefore the debate will last until all questions are answered. however time allowed to each candidate will remain that it is currently used to answer each question posed.
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2 Responses Aug 4, 2011

I know can't have things making sense !!! *sigh*

See? this is why we need to move to that Island Cheekdom of Common Sense!! You and I both know none of this would ever happen because it makes TOO MUCH SENSE!