My Political Movement

I am going to be my own political party.  I am going to call it .    The Faux UnUnified Party  Or The F. U Party for short. I plan on putting that on My voters registration.

So in the interest of being Legit I suppose I have to come up with my OWN rederic.
So here it goes.

The Platform of the FU PArty. Mission Statements.

F U  , We stand up for the living wage.
F.U  , We Stand up for Logic based Education.
FU ,  We stand up for FAIR taxation.
F.U,  We stand up for the preservation of the Constitution and the bill of rights. FOR ALL
FU ,  We stand up for equality
FU ,  We stand up for Public Works projects that bring Jobs and rebuild the nation.
FU   We stand for the health of ALL that means health care for everyone.
FU  We stand up for equality.

FU we stand against stupidity in all it's forms!!! 

SO  I stand Proud and say FU  America.... F  U !!!!!

( yes that's right equality is on there twice, did you catch that. ;) )

FU Party Theme song


FU Promotional T-shirt

                            Fighting Stupidity in ALL it's Forms!!!    F.U. !!!!

FU Party Mascot  Say hello to Rusty the Rabid Chiwawa, Folks he is BARKING MAD!!!

FU Party Rally Chants:

Call out: Can We live without a plan?
Call Back Hell No,  LIKE HELL WE CAN!

Call Out: Watch you take money from our Hands?
Call back: Hell No,  LIKE HELL WE CAN!

call out: Endure Your Selfish bogus Scam?
Call Back:Hell no<  LIKE HELL WE CAN!

 FU party Bumper stickers

And Before ANYONE gets offended a public announcement courtesy of the F U party !!!

By Popular demand the F.U. Party Membership card. 
Let everyone know EXACTLY what you think with your F.U. Party membership card.
Don't be afraid to Whip it Out and say F. U. !!!!

Campaign Yard sign and bumper sticker

(sorry have not had time to draw it myself)

Help The F.U. Party  we need Minions so don't forget if you have not already RATE THIS STORY UP!!!! 
CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
41 Responses Aug 11, 2011

WHIP IT OUT on WAllStreet !!!!! Whip it OUt in LONDON !!! WHIP IT OUT in Sidney <br />
<br />
<br />
WHIP IT OUT and say F... U.. !!!!

This thing just grows and grows. <br />
<br />
We certainly need to develop the UK Branch

I'm in!! Please??<br />
<br />
This is so good. Particularly love the strap line on the membership card.<br />
<br />
Good work

hehe you are SO IN !!!!!

Always get in deep - that's what I say, that's what I do!!

Welcome free thinkers one and ALL!!!!!!

I'm speechless. Cheeky you are truly something else. Where can one pick up a sign?

unfortunately you'll have to make one yourself... The F. U. Party refuses to accept campaine funds from big business.... !!!!!

We are what you call LOW budget!!

And can I ask to be nominated an ambassador for Down Under?I promise to say F.U. too. I'm still giggling while trying to type and I'm nto hvanig mcuh scceuss!! Love the party slogans and signs..... sorry I have lost the plot *sits howling with laughter while crying her eyes out*

Well I think you would be a good choice.... what do ya say all????

Thanks Miss Cheeky. .....*still giggling like a little girl*....oh dear

WOW international..... I am getting all ... misty..... Looks like the F.U. message is a universal message ;)

Ooooh, I like the sound of International Ambassador, too, Miss Cheeky. One honorary membership card coming up for Brokenmoggy ;)

ROF... Glitter !!!! hahahaha

Honorary member it is.... I like the who Ambassador thing. !!!!!!

CheekyGeek this is terrific!! Count me as the newest member and I look forward to receiving my F.U. Party card !!

WHOOT!!!!! Our party secretary giggles will be happy to print one out..... ummm right??? giggles???? now where did she go????? Probably out campaigning at her neighbor again HEHE :P

Tahaha, yezzzz, I do LOTS of campaigning at my neighbors ;) **printer jumps to life** ONE HOT OFF THE PRESSES FOR DRAGONM....welcome to the party!

LOL Gotta love Miss Ethel!!

EXCELLENT!!! and the wait was well worth it ;D Omg, that's great and I love the slogan on it....VERY true!! Miss Ethel came over and I pulled this up and showed her and she said 'Tell CheekyGeek I'm IN..." and howled laughing. She wants a card so she can "whip it out" on people ;) Hahaha, I love Miss Ethel ;) She thinks you'd be the perfect candidate and we need a campaign party on my front lawn.... OMG THAT WOULD KILL MY CRAZY NEIGHBORS!

The slogan is cutesy of Miss AllUNeedIS. I just CheekyIZED it :)

Rusty is UP !! hope the wait was worth it.

Omg, NJ, how funny!!! Lol, I haven't tried going out and giving the "secret salute" but I'm sure my neighbors will return the favor ;) <br />
<br />
HEYA CHEEKY....where is my RUSTY poster!!!! I needzzzzz that for my lawn... my wonderful neighbors will LOVE it!!!

Thank to all of your contributions, The FU Party is really shaping up. We even have a super secret salute. Ok well maybe not so secret. HAHA<br />
<br />
WHIP IT OUT! one and ALL, Stand up Tall and SHOUT. FU!!!!<br />
<br />
<br />

Tahaha, Heya BigRed!!! Your card is in the mail (I kid you not, check your box man!) and you will be able to "whip it out" for ALL TO SEE by the weekend ;) Omg, this is great =D Lol, now you see why Miss Cheeky is the brains of this outfit !!!!

Omg, Miss CheekyG., I'm in, this is the first political party that makes sense to me! Thanks Giggles, pass my card to me and I promise to "whip it out" guys are a riot.

Tahaha, done and done Miss AF, I printed one out for you and Trpr Fluffly Thug, BigRed and Brook, too. We will be "whipping it out" all over town!!! **roflmao**

Omg, Giggles, hit 2 cause my printer is on the fritz and won't work tonight and I NEED ONE. Lmbo, Miss Cheeky, this is brilliant ;)

HOWLING LAUGHING!!!!!!!!! I love it.... I am hitting Print and making mine now cause you bet I'm gonna be "WHIPPING IT OUT AND SAYING F. U." =D this is greattttttt !

Weeee :) your SO in!

LMAO!!! I AM SOOOOOO IN...SIGN ME UP :) Haha, I dont' even have to practice the chant, I got that down pat just watching the news at night.... F U.... F U.... omg too good!!! <br />
<br />
Giggles, I'll bring Miss Ethel, she's GOOD at giving the flying finger... Rofl..........

LOL Weeeee Our first venue HEHE<br />
<br />
And Dewd you know I am for real changing my voters reg to the FU Party. I was so not kidding about that.But um yeah it is a good thing the Universe also gave me a healthy aversion to the south or I would VISIT!! Imagine the damage... err I mean good we can do in just a few days HEHE!!!<br />
<br />
Can not wait to read your story miss G. YOu'll have to let me know hoe Ol fisheyes takes it. :P

Dang skippy I'm going to do it!!! Eeewwww,, and I wrote a new poem for those twinks across the street, I must post sooooon!!!!

Ok, Dewdette, count me in ;) And you know, Giggles will do this for real, don't you? Oh yes, within the week she will be on the driveway dancing to that theme song and I have no doubt in my mind that Miss Ethel and Brook will join her! You see?? THIS is why the universe in all it's wisdom decided to seperate you from Giggles.....can you imagine what would happen if you two lived on the same street?! lmao !!

LMAO..........GUESS WHO WAS READING MY MIND!!!! I have made a decision....teehee....I am putting that song on a cd back to back to back.....80 minutes worth! I am going out on my drive and replace "Little Red Corvette" and playing ======= YEZZZZ, our THEME SONG!!!!! just for Harriet Fisheyes and her lovely hubby old man Withers. I FREAKIN LOVE YOU!! AND I LOVE THAT SONG... I'm going to steal it now and add it to a new neighborhood scare fest story.... it's catchy!!! omg I'm laughing so hard I gotta go get my mop! HUGGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giggles, I propose we have our first rally at YOUR house. Bet the neighbors will LOVE IT!! hehe

OMG I LOVE RUSTY!!!! Bahahahaha, I am rolling over the UPDATES =D **runs off to practice chant and saying F U!!!** ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Doh Stickers!!!! HOW COULD I FORGET the STICKERS.... *scampers off to make stickers*

All you need are bummer stickers, lawn signs and some red, white and blue hats.<br />
This is going to be interesting. We've had a first dog, first cat and now possibly a first mouse. Hmm.

Wow this Political thing is really taking off.<br />
<br />
AttackOfTheSara.. YOUR IN!!!

Count me in! :o)

Alluneedis... I am HOWLING!!! I LOVE IT<br />
<br />
This one is PERFECT!! : "We don't have to do much of anything to outdo the competition!" <br />
HAHA but I will get the most use out of "Like hell we can!" <br />
<br />
FUNNY!!<br />
<br />

Tea Shirts.... CHECK! I think I can whip up a few designs. HEHE

**climbs up on little soapbox and starts yelling** F U....F U......FFFUUUUUU..... <br />
Yep, you're right, Cheeky... OOOOHH and I want a T-shirt with that on it!!!! Tahaha, I wanna look all "official" on voting day =D

LMBO.....I would be willing to bet you are right, Miss Cheeky!!

hehe ya know I bet if we went to a crowded place and just started chanting F U a shitload of people would all join in and not even care why LOLOLOL

You all in... EVERYONE say it loud and proud .... F U......

Ok, I'm with Miss G and Miss Peanlo, sign me up, Cheeky ;) Omg this is great, you have a wickedly funny mind and I love it!!

Lmao that is GENIUS!!! Can I get a membership too?

**rolls out across bed howling** I'M IN...GIVE ME MY F U PARTY MEMBERSHIP CARD!!!! Omg, I just love you!!!!!!!!