Falsely Spoken Or No Guts No Glory

Ever had someone be upset by what a friend of yours did or said, then flame YOU ,  Yet that same person still dosen't bother to confront the actual person who said or did what ever?

I have been on the receiving end of that. My response. Either tell them or shut the **** up!

I have no respect for that kind of spineless passive aggressive bullshit! If your mad enough to ***** yet lack the balls to ***** to the RIGHT person about it your useless.  Take it, fight or shut up! those are your options  Me having to listen is not.

That is my advice to ALL my friends when this happens to them. Don't let anyone abuse your friendships and relationships, Don't let anyone abuse you.

Give them the single finger salute and tell them to **** OFF !


BIG HUGGS TO all True friends.

And to the spineless you know who you are ..... or do you?


CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
15 Responses Sep 1, 2011

I know when I hear things like that... I almost want to post a story that might passively refer to what someone did, just so they Actually might get a feel for what it would Actually feel like.....<br />
<br />
Well almost. ;)

Good and timely post Miss Cheeky. I was just telling someone I know a bit ago that it isn't right to come after someone because you don't like what another said....go to them and face them with your displeasure. To be accused of placing comments for the sole benefit of someone seeing them is ridiculous. Bit egotistical and your video is perfect.....vain.

Stalking you say? Sounds like it to me. It would take someone pretty dense or egotistical to NOT see it is Stalking and just like NO means NO stalking IS WRONG.<br />
<br />
<br />
Everyone has the RIGHT TO PERSONAL SAFETY<br />
<br />
PERIOD<br />
<br />
if anyone dosen't happen to like what I said. I do so encourage them to tell me.

Dewdette, Excellent post and I agree with everyone, very true. If someone doesn't like something I said, come say it to my face, don't hide behind your mama's apron and complain to someone who did nothing, it's cowardly. I'm fed up with the nonsense, I'm not in Jr High and don't care for the games some play. Only a spineless wonder would go whining to the innocent party. Of course, I'm told that it is these type comments on stories that has offended the delicate senses of one such person. Well, I'm sure he won't like this comment either..... looking up someones address behind their back is considered the first step in stalking..... trying to cause friction between that person and the friends who look out for them is step two..... how far will this person go before admitting what he did was wrong! Lol, ok, I'll stop before I make your post start smoking. Thanks for the post and the videos are excellent. Kudos, friend ;)

Glad you did, yes that's very "odd"....seems there's a lot of that going around lately among my friends.

Oddly enough a friend of mine also recently experienced such abuse, It inspired me to make this very post.

Miss Giggles, I am at Cheeky's service but sadly I don't own a ninja suit, this uni will have to do. I happen to know someone who went after a friend for something I said.... totally gutless not to say it to my face. Great post, Cheeky, and good advise.

Omg, you two are great!!!! Now, I'ze a bit off me feed so I can't do any azzzz kickin right now, but I'm sure my Fluffy Thug will be happy to take my place ;) Oh, oh, and how's about McFlurty? I hear tell he's pretty good at the ninja thing!

fluffy and Flurty CHECK!!!

I am head ninja, but you can be Secretary of Da BOOT. A new cabinet position the F. U. Party will propose :)

Most certainly!! Cant be a Super She-ro without a decent cape !!!!! I'm on it ;)

SCHWEET!!! but no Bikini mail... it pinches in my fur OUCHIES

KEWLZ I be ShE_RO .... is there a cape in it for me?????

Ooooh, I like the new vid!!! Excellent choice.... you be my SHE-RO!!

TAHAHAH Oh meeeee, short and sweet and TO THE POINT!!! Rofl at the vid!

I know right.... ROF


You are my FAVORITE CheekyGeek and nothing could be MORE true than what you've written. Why ***** and complain to someone who didn't do anything about something someone else did!!! Lol, I got the balls and I ain't even a guy!! If I don't like what you said or did, I go to you and say it, I don't yell at someone else about it. Gaaaa..... all men and women are obviously not created equal in that respect....some of us hazzzz de ballzzzzz and some got left at the back of the line.