Some Rules

Rule 1. You do not get to call someone a Nazi While spewing Anti Semitic Hate!

Rule 2. Idiocracy is NOT the future to work TOWARD!

Rule 3, If you do not so much as Know what the "Federalist Papers" are, you do NOT get to say "our Fore Fathers" ANYTHING!!!!

Rule 4. If you never bothered to look upĀ  the original definitions for the tax code then ***** about corporations having to pay taxes You can officially be called IGNORANT!

Rule 5. You do NOT get to take credit for fixing global issues or Major advances in technology that can be proven incorrect by COMMON knowledge AND THEN expect everyone to take you seriously.
CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
6 Responses Sep 4, 2011

Apparently she's got company like VisualOne and williemcd.

I knew ol willie was a bit off, but didn't know about Visualone.

I'll have to keep an eye out... OY

Holy **** and WOW. you are sooooooo right!

They ALL vote -- early and often!<br />
<br />
I'm no squeeler but the culprit in the Nazi-anti-semite deal initails were Julie13!

EXCELLENT UPDATE!!!!!!! Argh....I can't believe the idjit didn't know what the Federalist Papers are and thought it was some web site you pointed him toward......WHAT A NIT AND THE WORST PART IS HE'S GOING TO VOTE........AAAACCCKKKKKKKKKK

Never mind, I found who yelled nazi and then yelled liberals are anti-semitic... crazy, indeed! How sad that when caught in errors of their judgmental diatribes on those with a disability all being on government handouts they resort to ugly name calling. It shouldn't surprise me, it's all they calling and divisiveness.

OH it is even better. take a look at the profile. We know how Much the Tea party would just LOVE some of the topics

Will do....I'm sure I'll be nauseated, let me get my pepto ready!

Oh tell me you're kidding and nobody was yelling nazi !! Special brand of crazy is right, ugh.

Oh yeah. yelling Nazi While spewing all manner of Hate, Yup. Oh it is even crazier then you could guess Ill tell you in a pm about it.

Oh, ok, I can't wait to hear this!!

Hmm....**ponders rules** I can work with this..... good grief, Miss Cheeky, who's been up to no good and breaking the rules again!!

OMG there is a "special brand" of crazy in the TP wow!!!

LOL, Right on, Cheeky.