No Computer Classes ???

My son came home from school, and has informed me " they are not going to rehire a computer teacher. Are they CRAZY????  Mind you this school just dropped 3.2 mil on a new football stadium.  A FOOTBALL stadium. !!! What a freaking joke, if it was not so tragic I would laugh!!!  The present and future depends heavily on technology and these goons are just going to cut it?  

What a bunch Apes we must have on our school board !!!
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GAAAAAA!!! I never saw this and I was fuming reading through the comments and thinking when mine were young I wanted to home school them but it was against the law where we lived. I hated the public school system and the lack of education my boys were receiving. Ended up having school all over again when they got home because there were so many things I wanted them to know before they got tossed out into this old world (lol, yep, they thought their mom was one crazy prison matron at the time, but they thanked me later ;)...... I'm happy to see your son's school has decided to resume the computer classes next year and thankfully for him, YOU are a brainiac when it comes to the computer so he won't miss out. I just feel sorry for the children who have a mama like, I get lost just wandering around google!

I know that is what irked me. the kis who do not have access to a computer geek are hosed. even so I still have to add history and science that is just lacking in his education math as well.. gaaa

Update. computer class will resume next year !!! at least there is that.

Typical... isn't it? We have our priorities out of tune with reality. I remember going to school, tired, sometimes hungry because I had to rush to school and I pass the gym where the football pla<x>yers get catered meals on white linen table cloth. I personally knew one of the volleyball pla<x>yers and she was a dumb as a rock...but no matter...the school gave her a tutor. They say that they get these perks because they spend so much time on the road. You know...I had to work my way through school... I don't see playing football or volleyball as being any different. Surely, we have our priorities in messed up.

I agree

Cheeky, it looks like it is time to alert the media. This is not a good situation for kids to be in. We cannot compete in the global market if our children do not have strong computer skills.

I can't believe my eyes reading this, Miss Cheeky! I don't blame you one bit for being upset and writing the paper. DO let us know if it helps. The more I hear about the public school system, the more resolved I become to home schooling my children when I have them. That's absolutely outrageous and ludicrous.

when my son was little I had considered home school, and I decided not to because he is very social. Now I am SOOOO wishing I would have just home schooled him from the start.

I need to calm down just a tad before I continue writing this letter , WOW

You know I was mad enough when I saw my son's history book (published in 1985) but THIS takes the cake !!!!

Apparently NOT, My child will not suffer because I have a decent library , and I can teach him about computers, I have been supplementing his education from day 1. Still what about the other children and what about my tax money? This is completely unacceptable. COMPLETELY!!!

are you all ready for the kicker, this school district was rated 5th in the state. If this stuff goes on here and we are 5th (correction), WHAT ON EARTH are the other schools doing????? it is frightening to have to wonder how bad can bad be.