When You Assume........

Who, am I...?????      Who do YOU think I am...?????     Who are you????     Who do others think you are...?????     Who do YOU think you are...?????


Do we really Know ourselves... each other... anything???

We all see the world and each other through our tiny perspectives. Small glimps of the soul (self and others). We experence life in shards and splinters and it is all tainted by our own view. How well we understand depends on how Open or How crystalized we are.

Are we truly willing to look at ourselves. Can we truly see another being with out imposing charastics upon them. Can we observe without Judgment, and should we? 

Until one can listen to what another has to say, Just listen, one can not understand. Unless one can hold their mind open long enough to allow in another perspective, we can not hope to Know another. If one is unwilling to question onself , pick apart ones own beliefs , we can not hope to find answers elsewhere.

Too many times an oposing view is met with Hostility. A great internal battle ensues. The confrontation of prespectives. Yours vs Mine. Theirs vs Ours. Two crystalin views Locked in warfar.until the cracks of self doupt are beyond repair.   Unless........ we question, re-evaluate, grow.

If all we can do is assume based on our own perspective and knowledge, we learn nothing , the soul weithers and we become lost.

We can never know all things, therefore we should never stop seeking perspective.

We should question all things, especially ourselves.



CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
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LMAO... with such A HUGE SMILE... ahhh YOU cutie YOU!!!<br />
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so... CONFUSCIOUS does CHANNEL through you too, lol

Confucius say : HAMHAM with trapped thoughts is like an unpeeled Banana.... If only HAM HAM lets lose the peel and frees the banana will HAM HAM be truly free.<br />
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I sometimes am a CHANNEL for CONFUSCIOUS... I leave a trail of quotes on EP... lol<br />
at other times I HAVE MY VERY OWN "invented JOKES" that are actually more WITTY and FUN than the sad case of LIGHT NIGHT TV hosts lines... though that DAVID LETTERMAN can deliver... I hear...<br />
and so did the rest of the world when "WE CAUGHT DAVID LETTERMAN DOING HIS ASSISTANT!" thingy went KAPOW!!! all over the news... WE SURE WERE FLASHED alot in those days!!!<br />
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Funny... <br />
how the MEDIA never does FLASH Me with what I think would be some REAL fine FLASHing!!!<br />
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Tell Me Geekster... what motivates you to leave such profound BULLETINS... ?<br />
This is great STORY stuff... !! REALLY IS HON... lol,<br />
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Confusicous say<br />
HamHam have a desire to feed the people with good fiber...<br />
and in CheekyGeek's boatload of bananas <br />
one can find SELF peel back la<x>yers of thought<br />
... NOT for MONKEYing around with<br />
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that CONFUSCIOUS... what a QUOTEr... !!<br />
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hehe *squeek*

aww. HUGS LesiaWolf

What softkitti said is true, we need to listen to opposing views, really listen, I appreciate your story very much, CheekyGeek, it made me think about my own reactions to others...

Thank you. Both. :) *HUGGS*<br />
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Fungirl... oh good, cant wait to read it.

I really loved this post ..this should be everyones goal to meet differences without judgement , to listen to opposing views with an open mind trying to understand...not half listen while formulating counterattacks to the points given.,..bravo loved this thank you for sharing

I loved this post. <br />
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PS: Still looking for that other story I promised.

Agreed. :)

Yes, it is the Hard road and well worth the work. unfortunately It seems to be the path less traveled, but one can still hope.

Even though she never wavered, she still questioned. She always returned to what was her truth. THAT is true strength.

and.. she faced and endured the Hostility of others who could not see beyond their own perspective. However, she NEVER wavered. Joan of arch is one of my heroins.

That is really all any of us can do. Be true to ourselves, and that should change from time to time. <br />
<br />
To thine own self be true as they say, to be true to oneself you do actually have to know yourself. <br />
<br />
It takes a strong persong to take a good honest at oneself, KUDOS to you Faucon!!!